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Men Men's best food for tonifying kidney and strengthening yang is very good! Good,effect,food,kidney tonic,yang,best,man October 14, 2019

Any man pays special attention to their sexual ability, hoping to get the approval of their sexual partners, so many men with sexual dysfunction will use various ways to immortalize. Some men will choose the aphrodisiac medicine which is quick but harmful to the body, and some will choose food to aphrodise. Then Xiaobian will introduce some "Dabu" food for you to ensure that you are as strong as a cow!

Food Containing Nucleic Acid

This is a common way of male impotence in the United States, and scientists have proved that if a person has enough nucleic acid in his body, it can effectively enhance the body's various skills and functions, indirectly improve sexual function, and delay sexual aging. Foods containing more nucleic acid include beans and various bean products, followed by seafood, such as seafish, shellfish, shrimp and so on. The contents of liver and lean meat were higher in meat, and green vegetables were the most in vegetables.

Hervarose made from sesame and honey

This is a very typical aphrodisiac food in the Middle East. In addition, in the Middle East, many men eat natural honey to aphrodise, just because natural honey contains a lot of plant male germ cells, which contain an endocrine hormone, similar to human pituitary hormone, and has obvious biological activity of active gonads. In addition, the sugar in natural honey is easily absorbed by human body, which is very beneficial to the formation of semen.

Food rich in iodine and other minerals

This is the way for British men to grow up, and seaweed, kelp and other marine plants are rich in minerals such as iodine, so these plants have become the first choice for British men. Causal men's approach is scientifically based. Food scientists have found that the thyroid gland is responsible for sexual impulse and stimulation, and that low thyroid activity reduces sexual activity and desire.

Eat some fruit seeds

This is the most commonly used way for German men to strengthen their sexuality, because some fruits have good seeds with a lot of VB, VE, and rich in minerals and protein. These things can effectively arouse sexual desire and arouse sexual impulse. Studies have found that in some people who often eat pumpkin seeds, the risk of prostate disease is very low, because pumpkin seeds contain a substance that can affect the production of male hormones. There are also wheat, corn, sesame, sunflower seeds, almonds, peas, peanuts, walnuts and so on.

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