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Men This season, the weather temperature slowly drops, men have to pay attention to the maintenance of prostate! Attention,maintenance,prostate,man,decrease,season,weather,temperature,slowly October 14, 2019

The weather became colder and colder day by day, and many prostatic patients began to worry again. Because men's testicles fear high temperature, but the prostate is the opposite, the most afraid of cold, a cold will be "cold". When the weather turns cool, the excitability of sympathetic nerve increases, which makes the prostate gland contract, gland duct and blood vessel dilate, causing chronic congestion, increasing internal pressure of urethra, and even causing reflux in serious cases.

The change of urethral condition can also aggravate the deposition of prostatic fluid, induce prostatic diseases or aggravate the original condition. Once chronic prostatitis recurs, frequent urination, urgency, pain in urine, perineal pain, testicular pain and other symptoms will also occur one after another.

In order to prevent chronic prostatitis in autumn and winter, we should first ensure a warm environment for the prostate, reduce the intraluminal pressure of glands and seminal tract, relax smooth muscle, reduce the resistance of the outlet, and make the prostate drainage smooth. Warming can also reduce muscle contraction, alleviate prostate congestion and edema.

Five Kinds of Men Should Pay Attention to Prostate Health

As an important male gonad organ, the prostate gland, has brought "masculinity" to many men, but it has also troubled many people. Prostate inflammation is closely related to occupations and people. The following five categories of people are at high risk of prostate diseases, and they need more care for prostate health in life.


Salesmen need more entertainment. They may often drink a lot of alcohol and eat spicy and stimulating food. Their life is irregular. These can cause prostate congestion, increase the risk of bacterial invasion, and then induce prostatic inflammation.

White-collar workers in sedentary offices

White-collar workers sit for a long time, the whole reproductive system blood microcirculation is blocked, metabolism slows down, resulting in metabolic production of various harmful substances excretion is not smooth, prostate congestion, causing inflammation.

Frequently masturbating single

Because there is no sexual partner, some people solve their physical needs by masturbating. The normal masturbation frequency of unmarried men is 2-5 times a week, and more than 5 times is too frequent. It is easy to cause excessive congestion of prostate, venous reflux disorder, immune resistance decline, and with the prolongation of bacterial stay in the local area, the chance of inflammation will increase accordingly.

Long-distance bus driver

Because the urine cannot be urinated in time, the urine stays in the urinary tract for a long time, and the bacteria can not be washed away in time, thus increasing the chance of bacterial infection.

The newly married groom

The inflammation of prostatic gland in newly-married men may be mainly due to excessive fatigue, weakness, excessive drinking at wedding banquets and poor sanitation during honeymoon. As for excessive sex and masturbation, which lead to repeated congestion of the prostate and lead to prostatitis, many newly married men also suffer from "honeymoon" prostatitis.

The temperature drops sharply in autumn and winter, and the health of caring glands should keep up with it in time. If you are the top five types of men, you must pay more attention to the protection of the prostate and keep away from masculinity.

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