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Men No matter how tough a man is, don't be tough when he meets these five moments. No,tens of millions,hard support,moments,fierce,men,five,to this point October 14, 2019

Male-dominated and female-dominated households are common patterns of family division of labor in China. Men, go out to earn money to support their families; women, also go out to work, more often, the focus is on the family, take care of the family. As a pillar of the family, men come in the wind and go in the rain, very hard.

Sometimes, even if they are bitter and tired again, they will endure and will not complain. When people are middle-aged, their pressure multiplies. Many times, they neglect self-care. For this reason, "hard support" becomes their feeling. Sometimes, support goes by. Is that really the case?

It's not true. There are some things men can support, but don't stand up for when they meet the following things.


When you're tired, you say it's okay and you can stick to it. Who knows that such a hard support will consume too much energy, serious time, will cause sudden death. In recent years, the sudden death of office workers in overtime positions is common news, which should be paid attention to.

The body is not a machine, the machine can always run, but the body can not, more often, to achieve a combination of work and rest, tired need rest, to promote physical recovery. If you push on, your body becomes excessively weak, your mind becomes dull, and your spirit becomes sluggish. It is caused by excessive metabolism and overload of the body. When tired, drink a cup of strong tea, coffee, smoke a cigarette, continue to work, this will affect nerve regulation, induce nervous weakness.

Feeling tired, stop working and have a rest. Even in a short time, the body will recover and help regulate.

Fall ill

Illness is beyond your control. Even if you are healthy, there are always times when you are ill. Sick, may delay work, many men will be hard to support. Never do this. If you don't go to treatment, it may bring harm. With the increase of age and pressure, the corresponding brain, internal organs and physiological organs will be in a state of decline. Immunity also decreases, giving disease a chance.

Even if you have a cold or cough, don't hold up. If you need to see a doctor, go to see a doctor. Once neglected, wait until the illness aggravates, then go to the doctor, regret too late.


When you are busy with your work and you feel hungry, you will think: when you are busy, you will go to eat again; when you are busy, you will think about eating again, hunger may disappear. When you eat food in the intestines and stomach, it will not be absorbed, leading to indigestion, gastric ulcer and gastritis. Click on the blue word to learn more about the small intestine and stomach common sense: how to adjust the bad intestine and stomach from now on to develop good habits to make the intestine and stomach healthier

Hearty suggestion: If you are busy with your work, don't be hungry, put down your work, eat something first, and then come back to work.


Exercise, which is beneficial to health, can strengthen the body. However, when exercising, don't push hard.

For example, you might run for half an hour and pant. If there is a sudden whim one day, try for an hour, feel tired and keep running, it will cause excessive exercise, heat consumption, lactic acid metabolites will accumulate in the blood, cause muscles and muscles in the sour, serious time, cause sudden death of exercise.

Exercise is good for health, but excessive exercise can harm the body. Never hold on, feel uncomfortable, should stop, in order to avoid side effects.

Leisure time

Men can't live without entertainment. It's very common for them to sing and play mahjong all night after they are full of wine and food. It is not a good thing to be so hard-pressed under mental fatigue. There may be potential safety hazards.

Singing, may make the eardrum too tense, affecting listening; playing mahjong all night, will consume too much mental energy, distress. Entertainment should be based on the principles of civilization, relaxation and health. At the same time, we should stop at the right time, not excessive, and its harm should not be underestimated.

There are so many things that men should not push hard in life. I hope we can draw attention to them. For these small things, we should not push too hard. The first thing we should do is to adhere to the principle of health care. Once we neglect health care, the harm will exceed your imagination. We should pay special attention to them.

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