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Women What are the antecedent manifestations of female amenorrhea and how to care for them Need,How,Nursing,Daily,Which,Amenorrhea,Preface,Existing,Female October 14, 2019

What are the pre-menopausal manifestations of female amenorrhea? When women enter menopause, ovarian function will begin to decline, resulting in menstrual cycle disorders, prolonged menstruation, bleeding, and other symptoms, such as premenstrual tension syndrome, periodic breast swelling and pain, edema and headache disappear. Here's a look at women's pre-menopausal performance, as well as nursing measures.

What is the performance of women before menopause?

1. Change of menstrual rhythm.

The cycle is prolonged, the interval between menstruation is prolonged, or February and March do not come, and the natural law is restored after a few months. In this way, menopause and regular menstruation alternately occur, which can last for one or two years. Some women have shorter periods of time and more menstruation.

2. Changes in appearance of menstrual blood.

The blood became light, pink or even black, mixed with small blood clots and fibre fragments. The amount of menstrual blood also changed, and some women's menstrual blood volume gradually decreased. But there is an increase in bleeding or massive bleeding. The length of menstruation also varies, with some becoming shorter and others prolonging for 10 days.

3. Facial flushing and fever.

Starting from the lower part, it spreads upward to the whole face, which often has significant vascular dilatation, redness and sweating all over the body. At the same time, dizziness and vertigo occur, with varying degrees of flushing. Some of them are limited to facial and neck redness, but they may also be very frequent and serious.

4. Autonomic nerve disorder and limb numbness.

Especially in the night, the limbs feel abnormal, spasmodic, the lower limbs are heavy, the legs seem not to know where to put, stomachache, panic, pre-cardiac pain, headache, dizziness, insomnia and syncope. Often irritable, emotional instability, good temper, sometimes suspicious and depressive.

How to care for women after menopause?

1. Ensure adequate sleep

Adequate sleep can make the activity of endocrine axis more harmonious through cerebral cortex, the release and distribution of estrogen more balanced, and the charm of female youth is expected to stay.

2. Be kind to your body

Health needs to be carefully managed, to understand the physical situation, if necessary, should seek medical care. Studies have shown that appropriate hormone supplements have more health benefits than disadvantages.

3. Periodic health check-up

After menopause, the incidence of many diseases will increase. Regular health examination can be found and treated as soon as possible. For example, monthly self-breast examination and annual regular uterine smear examination can early diagnose the occurrence of breast or cervical cancer, in order to improve the chances of cure.

4. Balanced nutrition

Appropriate daily intake of six categories of food, including dairy, grains and rhizomes (that is, staple food), eggs, beans, fish, vegetables, fruits and oils. Different kinds of food contain different nutrients. The choice of diet must be diversified and the intake should be appropriate in order to maintain the health of the body.

5. Enough exercise

With age and physical condition different, we should choose appropriate sports, such as jogging, walking, Taijiquan, health exercises and so on, and persevere. Proper exercise can not only promote blood circulation, increase metabolism and reduce the occurrence of osteoporosis, but also eliminate depression and make body and mind happy.

6. Need to pay attention toEnriching bloodNourishing blood

Women who eat too poorly after menopause are at increased risk of anemia. Researchers say that for older women, anemia symptoms should be detected as early as possible, dietary conditioning should be adopted as soon as possible, iron, vitamin B12 and amino acid nutrition intake should be strengthened, while receiving the necessary treatment to control anemia in older women.

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