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Women Leucorrhea is not always a disease. Don't worry about these five conditions. Situation,no need,worry,five kinds,not all,leucorrhea October 14, 2019

Many women think that the increase of leucorrhea is caused by gynecological diseases, in fact, not all of the leucorrhea is disease, the following situation is more normal leucorrhea.

What is the increase of leucorrhea?

Not all leucorrhea is caused by gynecological diseases, if only leucorrhea increases, and color, taste has not changed, generally physiological leucorrhea, need not worry too much. Increased leucorrhea is a physiological phenomenon in the following situations:

Ovulation period

During ovulation, because of the elevated estrogen level in the body, the secretion of women will increase. At this time, the leucorrhea is more, the quality is thinner, the color is clear, the appearance is like egg white, is the best time to conceive.

Before menstruation

After puberty, as the ovary gradually matures, estrogen and progesterone secretion, the characteristics and quantity of leucorrhea vary with the ovarian cycle. In addition to the increase of leucorrhea during ovulation, some women in the coming menstruation, due to pelvic congestion, vaginal exudates increased, leucorrhea will also increase.

During pregnancy

After pregnancy, in order to maintain the implantation and development of eggs, the corpus luteum of the ovary secretes a lot of estrogen and progesterone, and many pregnant women will have increased leucorrhea, which is a physiological phenomenon. Pregnant mothers need not worry too much, but also pay attention to hygiene, so as not to cause inflammation.

After taking estrogen

After taking some estrogen drugs, such as contraceptives, women will experience increased leucorrhea due to changes in estrogen and progesterone levels and stimulation of increased estrogen.

Sexual arousal

In the couple's room, when the female body feels excited, secretions in the private place will increase greatly, and these secretions will have a very good lubricating effect, can flirt, so that the couple's life is more harmonious and satisfied.

Attention should be paid to hygiene in the increase of physiological leucorrhea

Although only physiological leucorrhea increases, as long as hygiene is not in place, it will easily cause inflammation and infection. Because of the humid environment, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause infection.

How to protect health when leucorrhea increases

Pay attention to personal hygiene

If you want to keep your body in a healthy state, you must pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash the vulva with warm water every night, use a special basin and towel, or use a shower to wash, do not let dirty water into the vagina, just clean the outside, so as not to damage the body's own defensive function.

Clean underwear

Change clean cotton underwear, change pants to hand wash clean, rub with soap for at least 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water, air in the ventilation, if you can dry in the sun is the best.

Drink more boiled water

Water plays a very important role in the body. It can meet the basic needs of the human body. At the same time, it can accelerate metabolism and expel garbage and toxins from the body. It is helpful to prevent inflammation.

Improving immunity

Scientific supplementary nutrition, the taste should be light, usually eat fresh vegetables, fruits, intake of high-quality protein foods, such as lean meat, eggs, milk, beans, fish and so on.

Maintaining proper exercise and exercising for about half an hour every day can effectively strengthen the physique and prevent diseases; try not to stay up late, go to bed early, get up early, get enough sleep, do more things to make yourself happy, learn to adjust psychology, develop a cheerful personality, and avoid excessive excitement and impatience.

Watch out for washing machines

Nearly every laundry bucket contains fungi! And the more frequently the washing machine is used, the more fungi there are! But don't worry, there's a killer mace to deal with the fungi in the washing machine: Clean the bucket with hot water about 60 degrees Celsius, OK! Clean it regularly with clothing sterilizer.!

Attention to sanitation in public places

There may be a lot of mould hidden in public places. When you go out, don't use the hotel bathtub, wear long pajamas, use toilet paper and so on. At the same time, the use of Jiaoyan personal cleaning care products, women's health care wipes are very convenient to carry oh.

Wearing cotton underpants

Tight chemical fibre underwear will increase the local temperature and humidity of the vagina, which is the "living" environment that the mold claps hands to say fast! Still choose cotton underwear!

What should we pay attention to when leucorrhea increases

Even if there is no discomfort, regular check-ups should be done at least once a year for a comprehensive gynecological examination.

Do not overclean

Frequent use of drug-name lotion, disinfection pad, etc., can easily damage the vaginal weak acid environment, vaginal weak acid environment can maintain the vaginal self-cleaning function, Ph4 weak acid formula is more suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance of women.

Timely medical treatment

Whatever the situation, the increase of leucorrhea or other discomfort, should immediately go to the hospital for treatment.

Medication under the guidance of doctors

If medication is not appropriate, it may aggravate the condition.

Do not use sanitary pads on weekdays

Some female friends worry that the leucorrhea stains their underwear or they are too lazy to wash their underwear. They always use sanitary pads on weekdays. This method is not advisable, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria. Therefore, it is not menstrual period to try not to use health pads. Wash the vulva with clean water every night and change your underwear.

Tongzhi Tongzhi

If you are infected with mycotic vaginitis, not only you but also you and him need to be treated, in order to have the desired effect. Do not forget to prepare a man's solution for your daily use of women's solution.

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