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Women Leucorrhoea Leucorrhoea is long in these seven forms, 90% of them are on the job. Seven kinds,look,leucorrhea,long here October 14, 2019

As a signal lamp for women's health, the number, color and taste of leucorrhea are important.

Many women, often by its "less, more, yellow, red, tasty..." control the mood, but also because of the more private, usually stuffy in the heart.~

You feel bitter. I'm sorry to say that it's Xiaobian to help you. Today, I have collected some typical problems of "leucorrhea" to tell you about it. Let's check it by ourselves.~

Although leucorrhea has the function of moistening vagina and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, it is by no means more beneficial.

In addition to the effect of high estrogen in vivo, the increase of leucorrhea is usually caused by various genital tract inflammation and even malignant diseases.

Leucorrhea increased with fishy smell

Troubled people: I have a lot of leucorrhea, then there is a fishy smell. Go to the hospital to check, the doctor said'bacterial vaginosis', what is this disease?

Truth: Bacterial vaginosis is a mixed infection caused by dysbacteriosis of normal flora in the vagina.

10% to 40% of the patients had no conscious symptoms. The symptoms were increased leucorrhea, accompanied by fishy odor, especially worsened after sex, and mild vulvar pruritus. The treatment course takes 7 to 10 days. Maintaining the balance of vaginal flora is the key to prevent recurrence.

Leucorrhea increased, sometimes with bloodshot or leucorrhea reddish

Worried people: I have had a lot of leucorrhea in the past year, which is neither painful nor itchy. Occasionally, there is a little blood silk mixed with the leucorrhea, and the leucorrhea turns pale red. What's the matter?

Truth: There are many possible causes, including chronic cervicitis, endometritis, cervical or endometrial polyps, submucosal myoma, or cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. Placement of intrauterine contraceptive ring may also lead to the occurrence of reddish leucorrhea.

If it is a more common chronic cervicitis, it is transparent viscous leucorrhea, secretion significantly increased, occasionally mixed with a small amount of blood silk, can also be manifested as milky white mucous or yellowish purulent secretion, with lumbosacral pain and/or lower abdominal pain.

Leucorrhea increased during ovulation

Troubled people: About a week after every regular vacation is clean, leucorrhea will be particularly numerous, like a long runny nose, sometimes sticking in groups on underwear. Every time the leucorrhea appears a day or two later, it's gone. No itching, no smell, no big problem?

Truth: The increase of leucorrhea in the mid-menstrual cycle is a normal physiological phenomenon. There are obvious periodic changes in estrogen levels in women, and the mucus properties and secretion volume of cervical gland cells also change.

When menstruation is just clean, estrogen level is very low and mucus secretion from cervical canal is very small; then estrogen level increases continuously, reaching the peak during ovulation, mucus secretion increases significantly, and is thin, transparent, and has a high degree of filament drawing; after ovulation, mucus secretion begins to decrease gradually under the influence of progesterone.

Leucorrhea increase during pregnancy

Worried person: I am pregnant, leucorrhea is much more than before pregnancy, underwear is often wet, the obstetrician said to me that it is normal phenomenon.~

Truth: After pregnancy, women maintain high estrogen and progesterone levels, vulvar tissue becomes soft and moist, vaginal epithelium becomes thicker, blood vessels congestion, exudate and exfoliated cells increase, cervix is hypertrophic, soft, hyperemic, gland secretion is vigorous, these can lead to increased leucorrhea.

At this time, the leucorrhea is often white paste, no odor, without itching; if there is pruritus vulvae and special odor, should go to the hospital.

Normal leucorrhea is white paste or egg white.

If there is inflammation, especially vaginitis, cervicitis or canceration, the color of leucorrhea will change accordingly.

Yellow leucorrhea

Troubled people: When it comes to wet weather, secretions become very yellow and itchy. It can be tolerated during the day, but at night it's very uncomfortable.~

Truth: This is probably vulvovaginal candidiasis (vulvovaginal candidiasis). Candida is a conditional pathogen that can parasitize the vagina, mouth or intestine and cause infection when the body's resistance decreases.

Pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, heavy use of immunosuppressive agents, long-term use of antibiotics or contraceptives, wearing tight chemical pants, obesity, and wet weather may be the cause of disease.

Postmenopausal reddish leucorrhea

Sorrowful person: My mother recently appeared light red secretion, and odor. She has been menopausal for nearly three years. What's the matter?

Truth: First of all, we should exclude endometrial, cervical and vaginal cancers, and other cancers. In addition, leucorrhea often occurs in senile vaginitis.

After menopause, ovarian function declines, estrogen level decreases, vaginal mucosa atrophies and thinning, vaginal pH value rises to alkaline, resistance is weak, the ability to kill pathogens is reduced, pathogens are easy to invade and inflammation occurs.

The normal leucorrhea is tasteless or slightly sour. Once there is a peculiar smell, it often indicates the pathological changes of the reproductive tract.

In addition to the above white with a fishy, bloody smell, there will be a stench.~

Malodorous leucorrhea, related to these factors

Trichomonal vaginitis

Trichomonas vaginalis caused by menstruation before and after seizures. It is characterized by increased vaginal secretions and pruritus of the vulva. It can cause burning, pain and sexual intercourse pain. If combined with urinary tract infection, frequent urination and urinary pain may occur.

The secretion is purulent, gray yellow, yellow or white or yellowish green, frothy, and odorous; leucorrhea is frothy and rotten, which is caused by anaerobic digestion of carbohydrates by Trichomonas. The main therapeutic drug was metronidazole.


Neisseria gonorrhoeae caused by increased vaginal secretions, purulent, with odor.

Cervical or endometrial cancer

Vaginal secretions are often rice soup-like or pus-like, with a foul odor, and are generally late-stage manifestations of cancer.

Daily care, do this

Periodic check-up: annual comprehensive gynecological check-up; less wearing tight pants or jeans, choose cotton underwear; do not use sanitary pad on weekdays, pad permeability is poor; it is not appropriate to often use a variety of medicines to clean the vagina, destroy the internal environment of the vagina leading to bacterial imbalance;

Enhance immunity: adhere to exercise, adequate sleep, reasonable diet, balanced nutrition;

Learn to adjust psychology, keep a good attitude, avoid excitement and impatience.

Relevant recommendations:

Ovarian cancer is the first cancer of gynecological death! Suggest that women must watch!

Dysmenorrhea may be caused by gynecological diseases in women must not be careless

Do you grow lice without shampooing after rain? Cheat! But don't take a bath, be careful of gynecological diseases!

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