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Gym I don't know the seven major events of morning running. I've run for nothing these years. Run away,white run,these years,morning run,seven major events,do not know October 14, 2019

Morning running is not suitable for heavy exercise

So jogging and walking can be accelerated. After running, breathing and stretching exercises can be moderately exercised. The total time is limited to 25 minutes. Morning running depends on persistence. It's better to find a partner to exercise together.

It's better not to eat before running.

But if you have poor health or cold weather, you can consider eating a biscuit to synthesize gastrointestinal acidity and alkalinity. You can also drink a cup of warm water, if there is a little salt in it, it would be better. There is a saying in health science, "Drink salt water early, drink honey late", especially suitable for this season.

Prepare for a run.

For example, press your legs and throw your arms. It's easy to sprain and cramp if you go into battle barefoot. Let your sleepy body stretch out for the start of the new day.

Choose the right running shoes and breathable clothes

Running shoes should fit without rubbing their feet, the air temperature in the morning is low, clothes should be breathable and warm, and cold should be prevented after exercise.

The best time to run in the morning depends on the season.

Generally, the best time is when the sun first appears. In winter, it is about 7 o'clock. At this time, the temperature is suitable, pedestrians are scarce, it is absolutely the best time to exercise.

After the morning run, you need to rest for 15 minutes before you can eat breakfast.

Breakfast should be good, usually choose light and nutritious food, such as soymilk, eggs, steamed bread, fruit.

Morning running can make one's spirit better in a day, four days in a week and three days in dumbbell practice are more appropriate. Do not hold your breath during the morning run. Suffocation can cause a greater load on the heart.

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