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Gym How to use dumbbell exercise to make arms strong and muscular Strong,and have,muscles,arms,what to use,dumbbells,exercise October 14, 2019

Before using dumbbells to exercise upper arm muscles, it is recommended to warm up for 5 to 10 minutes, such as jogging or stretching in situ, and then start practicing formally.

Dumbbell exercises for biceps brachii muscle of upper arm are as follows:

1. Bending of upright dumbbells

2. Reclining/Backrest Dumbbell Bending

3. Sitting position, leaning over, pushing dumbbells with one arm, bending and lifting

Dumbbell exercises for triceps brachii of upper arm are as follows:

1. Sitting posture, flexion and extension of the back arm of dumbbell neck

2. Bending posture with one arm dumbbell neck and back arm flexion and extension

The next step is to use dumbbells to exercise the upper arm muscles and to arrange the number and number of exercises.

1. Sitting posture dumbbell neck back arm flexion and extension: do 5 groups, 12 in each group

2. Posture of prone single-arm dumbbell neck flexion and extension: 4 groups, 12 in each group

3. Standing dumbbell bending: 5 groups, 12 in each group

4. Reclining/backrest dumbbell bending: 4 groups, 12 in each group

5. Bend down in sitting position, put one arm on one leg, and bend dumbbells: do three groups, 12 in each group

This is a simple training program for upper arm muscles with dumbbells, but you must not underestimate this training program. Because when you exercise with dumbbells, you need to constantly experience and improve the exercise until you think that the stimulation effect of using dumbbells to exercise upper arm muscles is the best. At the same time, you need to constantly increase the weight of the exercises in the process of practice. The heavier the weight you lift, the stronger your arm will be.

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