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Archives How should patients with sciatica be cared for? Nursing measures for sciatica Nursing,Neuralgia,Sciatica,Measures,How,Patient October 14, 2019

No matter what disease we suffer from, we must pay attention to the relevant nursing measures in our daily life. It is very important to do a good job of nursing measures in the treatment of sciatica. In fact, sciatica is better to treat, but it needs to be treated for a long time, so as to have a good effect. What are the nursing measures for sciatica?

Effective nursing measures for sciatica

I. Restore Exercise

In addition to daily medication prescribed by doctors, patients with sciatica should pay attention to proper bed gymnastics, acute exercise according to scientific posture and methods, and carefully protect the waist and affected limbs when exercising. When pain occurs, do not lift heavy objects or lift weights with affected limbs or back.

Daily proper acupoint massage can improve the symptoms of sciatica. The patient can stand up and press Ashi and Chengfu points on the body with the thumb on the affected side for about 20 seconds each time until the acupoint feels sore.

The patient can also sit down and massage the pain area with the palm root of the affected side until it feels slightly feverish. Every time severe pain occurs, patients can alternately apply ice bags or hot water bags to the affected area, which can play an analgesic role. If the pain is serious, they should take appropriate analgesics to alleviate it.

2. Dietary Nursing

If you suffer from sciatica, you must pay more attention to your diet to avoid getting sick from your mouth and aggravating your condition. Smoking patients must quit smoking to prevent nicotine, carbon monoxide and other substances from injuring the sciatic nerve. Patients should avoid overeating, strictly control their weight, and prevent obesity from oppressing the sciatic nerve. Eating more vitamin B foods can promote nerve metabolism and make the condition better faster.

3. Keep warm and rest

Patients with sciatica need to improve their living conditions, keep the environment ventilated and dry, prevent cold and wet, especially after sweating, not cold, should keep dry, not sit or lie on the surface of cold wetland. These methods can also prevent sciatica.

At ordinary times, we should pay attention to these daily nursing methods. In daily life, we should pay attention to scientific diet. We should also pay attention to the methods of diet and the occurrence of sciatica. We must pay attention to the daily adjustment methods. We should also pay attention to reasonable diet to avoid adverse effects on physical and mental health. We hope that we can pay attention to daily life and work.

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