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Archives What are the causes of daytime sleepiness? How to Improve Sleepiness Symptoms Sleepiness,How,Improvement,Symptoms,Days,Causes,Which October 14, 2019

Do you often want to sleep during the day? You have plenty of sleep tomorrow night, but you still feel tired during the day? It may be because of your lifestyle problems. Because many people spend too much time in front of the computer and exercise is too low, their body is lack of oxygen, so it is easy to want to sleep. So what are the causes of daytime sleepiness? If you want to improve your work efficiency, how can you improve the symptoms of sleepiness? Here's a look.

Causes of daytime sleepiness

1. Computer use for too long

Because of the change of modern life style, many people will sit in front of the computer for a long time because of work or playing video games, which usually leads to too little exercise, so it is easy to suffer from hypoxia, fatigue and drowsiness symptoms.

2. Because of sleep problems

Sleep problems, such as sleep apnea and sleep disorders, can lead to insomnia, poor sleep, too short sleep time, so it is easy to be drowsy due to lack of sleep during the day.

3. Overweight or obesity

Overweight people tend to compress their airways while sleeping, so they are more likely to snore or sleep poorly with a stuffy nose. As a result, daytime sleepiness is particularly evident.

4. Caffeine Excess

If you are severely caffeinated, often consume excessive caffeine, or like smoking, drinking, it is easy because these substances affect sleep, naturally will be drowsy during the day.

How to improve the symptoms of daytime sleepiness

1. Regular Sleep Habits

No matter how busy you are and whether you haven't finished the work, you should follow the regular sleep time, sleep and get up at a fixed time, so as to optimize your sleep quality and cultivate a good physiological sleep clock.

2. Exercise appropriately every day

If you can, let yourself exercise at least 30 minutes a day, which can improve the body's oxygen content, but also make your body tired, the night is easier to sleep deep. But if you have health problems, you'd better consult a doctor first.

3. Reduce daytime naps

Many people take advantage of their lunch break to make up for their sleep and make themselves more energetic in the afternoon, which is a great way. But if you don't sleep well at night, you should reduce daytime naps to prevent sleep problems.

4. Reduce drinking water before bed

It's important to get plenty of water, but try to get plenty of it during the day, not before bed. Before going to bed, you should reduce your fluid intake so as not to disturb your sleep by frequent urination at night.

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