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Archives Food is not the fresher the better. They have higher security risks. Safe,present,hidden dangers,higher,they are not,fresh,better,food. October 14, 2019

"What is a healthy diet?" "Eat less canned food and more fresh food." In fact, not necessarily, there are so many kinds of fresh food, the fresher its toxins may be more or higher security risks.

1. Pig liver

The stir-fried pork liver will become old and hard after a long time. Many people eat fresh pork liver. In cooking methods, they will stir-fry it quickly and cook it well while it is hot. In fact, there is a great hidden danger in eating like this. Pig liver is the biggest detoxification organ in the pig body. There are all toxic metabolites gathered here. If not heated thoroughly, some toxic substances will remain in the pig liver.

In addition, quick frying can not completely kill pathogenic bacteria and parasite eggs in pig liver.

2. Fresh tea

Now what advocates pure nature, just picked tea is not necessarily good, it contains strong alkaloids, tannic acid and other substances, if a large number of drinking this tea, will make people's nervous system excited, accelerate blood circulation and heart rate.

Therefore, in the purchase of new tea, it is better to choose to put it for a period of time, and wait for the polyphenols in tea to oxidize before drinking.

3. Fresh yellow cauliflower

Colchicine is contained in fresh cauliflower, which will be transformed into toxic substances in the body and cause food poisoning after being absorbed in the intestine. In contrast, dried cauliflower can remove most colchicine after steam fumigation and air drying, so it is safer to eat.

4. Fresh milk

Milk, goat milk and so on may be contaminated with tuberculosis bacilli, which can easily cause human and animal infections. Moreover, fresh milk can not guarantee the containers disinfection, environmental hygiene, safety and hygiene of milk. Therefore, it is better for people to buy goat milk, milk or go to regular shopping malls.

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