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Archives What is the rule of epilepsy? Periodicity of epileptic seizures Epilepsy,seizures,periodicity,regularity,what October 14, 2019

Epilepsy is a common chronic disease, which has great harm to the physical and mental health of patients, because it has a sudden attack, many patients can not respond in time. So what is the law of epilepsy? Epilepsy has its own regularity or cycle of epilepsy, patients should understand the epilepsy cycle, so as to help patients with treatment. After diagnosis, patients must receive timely treatment.

Two clinical states of epilepsy

Each patient has its own seizure frequency or cycle. Some patients have seizures several times a day, dozens of times a day, while others only make them once a few months or even a year.

Some patients seem to have regular epileptic seizures, and then they will commit them. The reasons are complex. It may be related to the patient's menstrual cycle, hormones, metabolism or other unpredictable self-regulation. Some people believe that it may be related to the accumulation and release of intracerebral electrical activity. In short, it is a very complex neuroelectrophysiological process. Although epileptic seizures are periodic, they are generally unpredictable.

Periodicity of epilepsy

Experts point out that after years of clinical experience, it has been proved that epileptic seizures do have a certain periodicity.But the periodicity is not obvious. Either type of epilepsy has two stages: seizure and intermission.

During the episode, patients often have typical clinical manifestations, which are not different from normal people during the episode interval, but there are also some people who have memory disorders or behavioral abnormalities during the episode interval. The clinical symptoms and signs of the attack period are obvious, but there is no difference between the attack period and the normal people.

Some patients may also show abnormal behavior or slight brain dysfunction or clinical seizures during the interval of onset. The electroencephalogram (EEG) or deep electroencephalogram (DEEEG) recorded during the interparoxysmal period were also different. Why epileptic seizures have periodicity may be related to the patient's own sleep cycle, menstrual cycle, other hormone cycles or unpredictable rhythm. Some people think that it may be related to the accumulation and release of intracerebral electrical activity.

Experts remind: epilepsy patients can not take chances

Although epilepsy is periodic, the periodicity is uncertain and related to many factors, so it is unpredictable. Therefore, the majority of epilepsy patients can not take chances, can not stop taking medicine without making a disease, it is quite dangerous, patients should take medicine on time according to doctor's advice, regular health check-ups to the hospital.

Conclusion:If you have epilepsy, you must treat it as soon as possible. You can't take chances. Once the patient goes out alone and has epileptic seizures, the consequences are unimaginable. After control, epilepsy patients need to pay attention to their usual diet, entertainment and avoid emotional excitement. Otherwise, although the disease has been controlled, it may recur. So epilepsy patients must go to the regular hospital for treatment, epilepsy can be cured, early treatment to return to normal life.

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