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Avoid Taboo food for breast nodules to prevent breast nodules Mammary glands,nodules,good,several points,food,taboos,prevention October 14, 2019

Mammary nodules are cystic hyperplasia of the breast, which is a non-neoplastic disease. For women with breast nodules, dietary attention should be paid. Here are some dietary taboos about breast nodules.

Taboo food for breast nodules

1. High-fat foods

Eat less high-fat food. High fat diet is a risk factor for breast cancer.

2, beverage

Breast hyperplasia can not eat coffee, cocoa, chocolate, this kind of food contains a lot of xanthine, will promote breast hyperplasia, so women should eat less of this kind of food. The caffeine in coffee also stimulates estrogen in women, leading to more severe breast hyperplasia. Stimulant drinks like Coke and Sprite must be banned.

3, drinking

Drinking alcohol is also considered a major enemy of breast hyperplasia. Studies have found that women who drink liquor every day have a significantly increased risk of breast cancer.

4. Stimulant food

Got mammary gland hyperplasia, to avoid spicy spices or food, such as pepper, pepper. Fried food is harmful to people's health, so they can avoid eating as much as possible.

5, honey

Many people say that honey does not contain estrogen, only royal jelly has hormones, so it is best to remind patients with breast hyperplasia to eat less or no uncertainties.

6. Fast food

There are many women who are very keen on all kinds of fast food, especially hamburgers, French fries, fried chicken legs, etc., but experts remind that this part of food must be forbidden for women with breast hyperplasia. This is due to the fact that there is usually a large amount of salt in foods like this. Excessive consumption is not conducive to the treatment of breast hyperplasia, but may also lead to more severe symptoms of hyperplasia. Fast food not only contains a lot of salt, but also contains a very high amount of oil, so this kind of food must be eaten less. The reason why women have breast hyperplasia and other problems is closely related to the abnormal secretion of estrogen in vivo. If estrogen secretes excessively, it will lead to abnormal breast and induce hyperplasia. The excessive fat in these fast food products will accelerate the production of estrogen in the body, and make breast hyperplasia more serious.

7. Meat food

Experts reminded women with breast hyperplasia not to be able to eat light food for a long time, but also to eat meat in moderation, maintain nutritional balance, effectively prevent and thoroughly treat breast hyperplasia. Some animal viscera, it is better not to eat, because this kind of food contains more hormones.

Food Suitable for Breast Nodules

1. Eat more fruits, vegetables, beans, fungi, such as black fungus, mushrooms, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes and other foods that can improve the body's immunity.

2. Eat more foods with anti-breast cancer effects, such as hippocampus, limulus, Cobra meat, sperm whale oil, toad meat, crab, clam, oyster, tortoise meat, kelp, asparagus, broccoli.

3. It is advisable to eat more foods which can enhance immunity and prevent recurrence, including mulberry, kiwifruit, asparagus, pumpkin, date, onion, leek, coix, bean, yam, mushroom, shrimp skin, crab, green fish, shrimp and snake.

4. Swelling should eat coix, luffa, red bean, taro, grape, litchi, water chestnut, crucian carp, pond lice, squid, kelp, loach, yellow catfish, snail.

5. Anise, scallion, shrimp, sea dragon, sperm whale, orange cake, mango, grapefruit and horseshoe should be eaten for pain and nipple retraction.

6. Eat more coarse grains and grains, such as coarse rice, corn, whole grain cereals, less milled rice and fine noodles; often eat nutritious dried fruit seeds and seeds such as sunflower seeds, sesame, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, walnuts, dried almonds, almonds, raisins and so on.

Preventing breast nodules

1. Pregnancy and lactation:Pregnancy and breast-feeding are good ways to combat breast hyperplasia. Progesterone secretion is sufficient, which can effectively protect and repair the breast. Breast-feeding can make the breast fully develop, and well degenerate after weaning, so it is not easy to appear hyperplasia.

2. Keep a good attitude:Less anger, less temper, maintain emotional stability, lively and cheerful is conducive to early recovery of hyperplasia.

3. Regulating menstruation:Women with menstrual cycle disorders are more likely to have breast hyperplasia than other women. Menstruation can be regulated by regulating endocrine, and breast hyperplasia can be prevented and treated at the same time.

4. Repeated visits to hospitals:For patients with breast hyperplasia nodules that can not be excluded from canceration, they should be checked repeatedly in the hospital and biopsy should be done if necessary.

5. Regular sleep:Regular sleep not only helps to balance endocrine, but also provides a good environment for hormones to play a balanced role in health. The power of unity is great, and the cooperation of hormones can defeat breast hyperplasia naturally.

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