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Archives Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency Lack of vitamins,manifestations,symptoms October 14, 2019

Vitamin B plays an important role in regulating metabolism, maintaining the health of skin and muscle, and improving the function of immune system and nervous system. What are the symptoms of vitamin B deficiency? Let's get to know it.

Vitamin B1

Lack: When vitamin B1 intake is insufficient, the slightest is muscle weakness, mental apathy and loss of appetite, and the heavier is beriberi.

Vitamin B2

Lack: can lead to metabolic disorders, manifested as cheilitis, keratitis, glossitis, scrotal dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis and other symptoms. Lack of riboflavin affects the metabolism of vitamin B6 and nicotinic acid. Because riboflavin deficiency affects iron absorption, secondary iron deficiency anemia is prone to occur.

Vitamin B3

Lack: allergies, fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort. Pantothenic acid is ubiquitous in nature and can be synthesized by intestinal bacteria, so it should not be deficient in general.

Vitamin B5

Lack: Can cause dermatosis.

Vitamin B6

Lack: Causes vomiting, cramps and other symptoms. Simple vitamin B6 deficiency is relatively rare, usually accompanied by a variety of B vitamin intake deficiency, clinical stomatitis, dry lips, glossitis, agitation, depression and other symptoms.

Vitamin B7

Lack: There is an antibiotic protein that binds to biotin and cannot be absorbed by the digestive tract. It causes deficiency of biotin in vivo, appetite deprivation, glossitis, dermatitis, hair removal and other symptoms. Sulfonamides can also inhibit the synthesis of biotin by intestinal bacteria, and cause biotin deficiency.

Vitamin B9

Deficiency: Folic acid is widespread in food and is generally not deficient. Inadequate dietary intake, alcoholism, anticonvulsants and contraceptives hinder the absorption and utilization of folic acid. Lack of folic acid in human body can cause extensive and far-reaching damage to DNA synthesis, stop cell division in S phase, increase nuclear deformation, cause megaerythrocyte anemia, glossitis and diarrhea, resulting in poor growth of newborns. Folic acid deficiency also causes neural tube malformation, cardiovascular disease and cancer in children.

Vitamin B12

Lack: Causes megaloblastic anemia, nervous system damage and hyperhomocysteinemia.

To sum up, our body needs vitamin B as a nutrient element, but I still need to remind you that vitamin B is not the more health care products used, the better, we still have to choose and supplement according to their actual situation.

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