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Archives Gastrointestinal flatulence, what to eat, what foods to help appetizer and exhaust Help,appetizer,exhaust,food,which,flatulence,what,gastrointestinal tract October 14, 2019

Because of the unhealthy dietary habits, bad working and rest rules and other reasons, may affect the health of the intestines and stomach. In the long run, there may be symptoms such as acid reflux, flatulence, indigestion, constipation and so on. What food can help us alleviate the flatulence of the stomach? Let's get to know it.

1, milk

Gastritis patients often suffer from stomach pain. Drinking milk can not only nourish the stomach, but also relieve stomach pain. Because milk contains a lot of protein, it can neutralize stomach acid and alleviate stomach pain. However, some people drink milk after stomach acid, stomachache, do not drink.

2. Porridge

Porridge is a good choice for stomach, especially millet porridge. In addition, when eating porridge, we should chew as much as possible and chew slowly. If you boil porridge, you can put some baking soda, which has a certain role in maintaining the stomach.

3, staple food

In staple food, the most stomach-nourishing food is noodles. In the rice we often eat, there are certain acidic substances. Therefore, people with bad stomach should eat less rice and try to eat some other coarse grains, such as sweet potatoes.

4, spinach

Spinach has the functions of moistening dryness, nourishing liver, benefiting intestine and stomach, and relieving constipation. It can also promote the secretion of stomach and pancreas, increase appetite and help digestion. The reason is that spinach contains a large amount of cellulose, which can help the intestine peristalsis and facilitate defecation. However, when eating spinach, we should also pay attention to eating laver and other high calcium foods together, or before cooking light, remove oxalic acid.

5. Alkaline food

Generally, patients with gastritis will have nausea and other symptoms because of excessive acid secretion. At this time, it is advisable to eat some alkaline foods, such as milk, soy milk, steamed bread or bread, which can effectively neutralize gastric acid to a certain extent.

6. Fresh vegetables and fruits

Patients with gastritis often suffer from bitterness, odor, dry mouth and other symptoms, which are usually caused by liver and stomach depression and heat. Such friends should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as balsam pear, cucumber, towel gourd and other food, can clear heat, purge fire and defecate.

To sum up, in daily life, we should cultivate regular and quantitative meals, and eat less spicy and irritating food, such as pickled food, wine, carbonated beverage, fried food. It helps to protect gastric mucosa and prevent bacterial invasion such as Helicobacter pylori. In addition, it can also take a proper walk after meals to promote gastric digestion.

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