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Avoid What dietary taboos should hypertension patients not eat? High blood pressure,diet,taboos,what,patients,can eat October 14, 2019

Hypertension is a chronic disease, the cause of hypertension is also caused by a long period of eating incorrectly, so we must adjust their unhealthy diet, then what can hypertensive patients eat? Let's look at the dietary taboos of hypertensive patients.

1. High-calorie food

High-calorie foods can induce obesity, and the incidence of hypertension in obese people is higher than that in normal-weight people. Hypertensive patients often have overweight or obesity. Therefore, the diet of patients with this disease should be limited to high-calorie food.

2. Meat

This kind of food is high in fat, although it is high in protein, but the content of saturated fatty acid is very high, which is easy to cause hyperlipidemia in blood and induce coronary heart disease.

3. Heavy-tasting biscuits

For example, sweet potatoes and dried beans are easy to cause flatulence. It's better for hypertensive patients to eat less. In addition, biscuits with strong taste are still eaten less because of their high sugar and salt content.

4. Chicken soup

Chicken soup has a high nutritional value, and drinking more chicken soup can increase cholesterol and blood pressure. Hence, chicken soup should not be used blindly as a nutritional supplement for patients, especially those with hypertension. Otherwise, it will only further aggravate the illness, which is harmful to the health.

5. Foods rich in potassium and calcium

Controlling sodium intake is conducive to lowering and stabilizing blood pressure. Cooking salt should be reduced in the diet, and no more than 6 g per person per day is appropriate. Eat foods rich in potassium and calcium but low in sodium. Foods rich in potassium include potatoes, taro, eggplant, lettuce, kelp, winter melon, watermelon, citrus, etc. Calcium-rich foods include milk, yogurt, shrimp skin, sesame sauce, green vegetables, etc.

6. Tobacco and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are risk factors for hypertension. People who like smoking and alcohol are more likely to develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases of hypertension. Moreover, smoking and alcohol can also reduce the sensitivity of hypertensive patients to drugs.

Warm tips:Hypertension is a time bomb. When you are suddenly emotionally agitated, it is very likely that your blood pressure will suddenly soar, leading to vascular rupture or stroke, which is particularly dangerous, so you must take medicine regularly.

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