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Avoid Taboo of Edible Corn Stigma Notice of Edible Corn Stigma Food,corn,taboos,precautions October 14, 2019

Corn whisker, known as "dragon's whisker" in traditional Chinese medicine, can be seen its unusual health effects. Making corn whisker tea with boiled water not only tastes sweet, but also has health-preserving effects. Although corn whisker has many effects, but also can not ignore the taboos of corn whisker. Then let's see what taboos corn whisker when eating?

1. Don't use too much.

Although the role of corn silk is very large, but no matter how good things can not be excessive, excessive is harmful to the body. Ordinary adults can use about 3 to 5 grams at a time.

2. Not to eat on an empty stomach

Although corn silk has a good hypoglycemic effect. To a great extent, it improves the function of insulin. If you use corn silk on an empty stomach, it is likely to lead to a decrease in blood sugar.

3. It is not advisable to choose odorous ones.

If yes, fresh corn silk, try to choose clean corn silk wrapped in the corn nest, do not grow outside, wind-blown and sun-dried corn silk. If it is, dry corn silk, must use well-stored corn silk, do not choose mildewed and odorous corn silk soaking.

The taboo of corn whisker is still relatively small, except that it should not be eaten too much, it should not be eaten on an empty stomach, and it should not be eaten with peculiar smell, there is no other need to pay attention to, the side effects of eating corn whisker are relatively small, so in our daily life, we can eat corn whisker in a proper amount, and there are many ways to eat corn whisker. It is better to grind it into flour or soak in water. Drink, but when you eat it, you must remember its food taboos.

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