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Avoid The Taboo of Coix Miltiorrhiza Tablets for Coix Miltiorrhiza Tablets Coix,precautions,taboos,food October 14, 2019

Coix chinensis is widely used in our life. Many people usually like to use Coix rice as a diet, which can bring certain health benefits, but Coix rice also has certain taboos. Next, let's see, what are the taboos when eating Coix rice?

1. Pregnant and menstrual women should not eat

Coix chinensis can make the body cold, so pregnant and menstrual women, remember not to eat.

2. Coix chinensis should not be eaten by people with cold hands and feet

In winter, people with cold hands and feet are not suitable to eat Coix for a long time.

3. Poor digestion is not suitable for eating Coix

Coix chinensis contains a high viscosity of carbohydrates, so eating too much may hinder digestion. People with weak intestines and stomach can cook and eat Coix with other foods, but do not drink Coix with water alone.

4. Coix barley is not suitable for long-term consumption

Because the Coix seed is sweet and slightly cold in nature, long-term consumption will make the body of people with deficient cold constitution more cold, resulting in weak constitution, irregular menstruation and other problems.

5. Coix barley should not be eaten with spinach

Once coix seed is combined with spinach which contains more vitamin C, metal ions can easily oxidize vitamin C and make spinach lose its nutritional value. Therefore, Coix can not be eaten with spinach.

6. Yin deficiency patients should not be eaten

Yin deficiency patients. Coix mili dampness, will consume Yin and Jin. Yin deficiency patients take too much Coix rice, will aggravate Yin deficiency, manifested as thirst and thirst, can not quench thirst, serious five upset fever, hot flashes and night sweating.

7. Deficiency cold patients should not be eaten

Patients with deficiency cold, especially those with serious deficiency of kidney yang. Coix chinensis is cool, clearing away heat and dampness, and excessive use of kidney-yang deficiency will damage Yang Qi and aggravate the condition.

We can't deny the nutrition of Coix chinensis, but the taboos of Coix chinensis can't be ignored. Only by eating Coix chinensis correctly and appropriately can we ensure the nutritional health. If we eat Coix chinensis wrongly, it will cause very harmful damage to our health. I hope this article can arouse everyone's attention. The taboos of Coix chinensis introduced above must be certain. Remember.

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