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Men Unexpectedly, there are different kinds of aphrodisiac foods in different countries. Food,not the same,Yang Yang,each country,unexpectedly October 15, 2019

American men eat nucleic acid food:

Scientists in the United States have proved that if the body has enough nucleic acid, it can effectively increase the body's various functions, indirectly improve sexual function, and delay sexual aging. Accordingly, male sexual activity can be in a very long event, but for many men, it is a dream. Foods containing more nucleic acid include beans and various bean products, followed by seafood, such as seafish, shellfish, shrimp and so on. Meat in a variety of animal liver and lean meat content is higher, while milk is also a good choice!

British men eat iodine to boost their sexuality:

Foodstuffs from the British Nutrition Association have found that the thyroid gland is responsible for sexual impulse and stimulation. Low thyroid activity reduces sexual activity and desire. It is well known that iodine is the core of normal thyroid hormone secretion. Therefore, eating more iodine can also strengthen the yang. Foods rich in iodine include laver, seaweed, etc.

Germans like malt:

German has been circulating a kind of earthwork to enhance sexual function, that is, grinding malt into powder, mixing with milk and honey, drinking a cup before going to bed, can increase nutrition, but also enhance sexual function. Drinking a glass before going to bed can not only increase nutrition, but also enhance sexual function. Because malt oil contains components that prevent recession, it is actually the function of natural vitamin E. Medical studies have found that vitamin E stimulates sperm production in men.

Middle Eastern people firmly believe in eating honey to boost their sexuality:

The most amazing thing to eat is definitely the Middle Eastern people, who insist that honey is very beneficial to the formation of semen. In Turkey, Israel and many Arab countries, sesame and honey-based hevarose is a typical aphrodisiac food; women in Babylon use it to increase sexual attraction and restore men's energy after sex. However, it needs to be explained that science has now proved that drinking honey can not tonify the kidney and strengthen yang. Can you see the article specifically about eating honey can tonify the kidney?

Of course, there are many countries have their own magical and unique ways to strengthen the male, some of which are useful, of course, many are ineffective, we also need to distinguish more.

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