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Men What can men do to improve their hair loss? Improvement,what to do,severe,hair,male October 15, 2019

Shampoo frequency should be moderate in the South or summer, or oil, and feel uncomfortable, you can wash once a day; in the north, or winter, wash 2-3 times a week is enough.

Shampoo methods should be appropriate first wet hair, shampoo into the palm, and add water dilution, and then from the occipital and temporal rubbing foam to wash up, do not put the shampoo solution on the top of the head wash, let alone dry cleaning, to avoid strong stimulation of the top of the head (fat and easy to shed area) sebaceous glands secretion. Do not scratch and wash your hair with your nails, gently rub and wash it with your finger belly or palm. If the hair is dry, one shampoo is enough when shampooing, and if the hair is oily, one more shampoo.

Shampoo time should be appropriate shampoo on the head stay time should not exceed 5 minutes, should be washed as soon as possible. Shampoo is acceptable in the morning or at night, but you should wait until your hair is dry before going to bed.

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