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Women Girls should pay attention to whether the skin is good or not. The key is to nourish the spleen and stomach. Spleen and stomach,key,okay,okay,okay,attention,skin,girls October 15, 2019

Skin is like a muscle coat. Without a good clothes rack, how can we support good clothes? So, only by nourishing the spleen can we cultivate tight skin.

In traditional Chinese medicine, "the spleen dominates the blood system". When a woman comes to menstruation, the blood should flow down. At this time, if there is a problem with the spleen, it will not flow down and go up. And it's a very serious symptom. Why?

Because this will lead to bloodstream obstruction, thus causing abdominal pain and dysmenorrhea symptoms. Only when the spleen's function of regeneration is well regulated and the blood flows wherever it should, women can relax every month.

"The spleen is thinking for its own sake". If you think too much about the spleen, it will hurt the spleen. If you think too much about the spleen, you will lose weight, and if you think too much about the spleen, you will lose weight.

In fact, whether it is ring fat or swallow thin is not reliable, not fat is not thin is the most healthy and beautiful. So, eat food well, and it's important to keep in a good mood!

Five Ways to Help You Raise Your Spleen

1. Feed to nourish the spleen, not expensive only eat the right one.

If your spleen strikes, how can you appease it? Bribe it with your diet! Give it food that generates energy! Raise it with your diet, and you can achieve the goal of invigorating your spleen and appetizing your stomach!

You can't starve it. You can give it all kinds of delicious food, such as japonica rice, glutinous rice, potato, sweet potato, Coix seed, rice cowpea, white lentil, date, lotus seed, peanut, chestnut, lotus root, mushroom, sorghum, corn, cowpea, potato, potato, gluten, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, shepherd's purse...

You should make "eighteen kinds of martial arts" and make them all colorful, fragrant and fragrant. After gluttony, the spleen will never lose its temper with you again.

2. Left three circles and right three circles, exercise is the most healthy spleen!

"Three left and three right circles, twisted neck, twisted buttocks, early to bed and early to rise, let's do sports..." Exercise is the omnipotent method! Relying on proper exercise to help our "temper" move, so that we can enhance the spleen's function.

In busy offices like ours, people can sit on their backs 20 to 40 times a day before getting up and going to bed.

It can also be massaged with "abdominal moxibustion", i.e. lying on the back of the bed, centering on the umbilical cord, and rotating the massage clockwise with the palm of the hand about 20 times. This small sport, to mobilize "temper" but has a strong role!

3. Stimulate the spleen meridian. You can choose the two methods.

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, people with strong spleen and stomach function generally hold their toes firmly when standing. Therefore, if your spleen and stomach function is not good, you may as well exercise your toes.

Standing or sitting posture, leveling feet, tightly touching the ground, toes practice grasping and relaxing, alternating with each other, which can play a good role in stimulating the spleen meridian on the calf.

Massage of the calf is also a good way to nourish the spleen. There are many acupoints in the spleen and stomach meridians, such as Zusanli and Yinlingquan.

Massage your calves from top to bottom in order to be able to withstand. Just feel comfortable after pressing. Don't massage when you are oversaturated and hungry. Make an effort to persist in massaging your calves three times a day before going to bed.

4. Salt warm the spleen, fashionable and healthy

This is a fashionable and healthy method of warming the spleen. In traditional Chinese medicine, salt can adjust the vitality of the body, and has the effect of dispelling cold.

Install 100 grams of hot salt in a thick gauze bag and place it on the umbilical cord at three fingers. Or you can use 3 grams of cinnamon powder, 10 grams of capsicum extract powder and 10 grams of galangal powder in a bag and put them on the umbilical cord at night. Both methods can achieve the function of nourishing the spleen.

5. Let "temper" dance with music!

"The spleen is thinking for its own sake", thinking less, the spleen will be comfortable, the spleen will be comfortable, people will be relaxed. Work tired, life tired, do you feel uninteresting? Play some soothing music you like, nest in the sofa, lie in bed, and listen at will, then fatigue disappears? Is the mood comfortable?

Music has existed since ancient times. It can relax the body cells and promote the function of spleen and stomach.

Before breakfast, you can listen to an exciting tune; at lunch, you can listen to soothing and open-minded music; at dinner, you can have a light music. Of course, autonomy is in your hands. Just let your temper dance with the music.

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