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Women Menstrual abdominal pain how to alleviate female dysmenorrhea has a magic trick abdominal pain October 15, 2019

Drink brown sugar water

Brown sugar is a kind of hot food. It can not only supplement the blood lost in the body, but also warm your body and effectively relieve the symptoms of stomach pain.

Keep warm

In those days, we must pay attention to keeping warm. Especially when the weather is cold, we must remember not to be cold. Rain and snow weather is more important. If there are black lumps when we come to old friends, it means that you may be inadvertently cold, we should pay attention to keeping warm and maintaining.

You can rest in bed.

Although there are not many female friends like this, Xiaobian has met some friends who need to rest in bed in those days. Every time they greet their old friends, they suffer from abdominal pain. They have to rest in bed, and putting the warm water bag in their lower abdomen will obviously relieve the pain.

Don't overwork

If there is nothing particularly important, try to relax yourself, especially don't overwork, because the body's resistance and immunity dropped significantly in those days, if overworked, it may cause other problems, or even lumbago or abdominal pain.

Watch out for fasting.

In the menstrual period, we should pay attention not to eat some food. In addition to cold food, we should also pay attention not to eat chocolate, coffee, tea, cola, etc., which will aggravate the pain.

Try not to wash your hair.

During menstruation, try not to wash your hair, because water will enter the body through the capillaries of your head, and the hair will not dry immediately after shampooing, so it will be cold unconsciously, not suitable to alleviate pain, even if it is necessary to wash, also as soon as possible with a hair dryer, and pay attention to warmth.

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