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Gym The five benefits of jogging will be regretted if you miss them Regret,Miss,Benefit,Five Big Five,Jogging October 15, 2019

Jogging is an aerobic exercise, also known as jogging, jogging or jogging. The purpose of jogging is to finish a relatively long distance at a slower or medium rhythm in order to warm up or exercise. Through jogging, can achieve the good effect of exercise heart and whole body. So jogging is one of the best mediation methods for the sub-healthy people in contemporary society.

1. To prolong life:

In recent years, jogging has become more and more popular in many countries. According to statistics, the average life span of joggers is longer than those without jogging habits.

2. Regulate body and mind, relieve work pressure:

Jogging is a relatively peaceful mental state of exercise, which can release the pressure of work, so as to have better energy and mental state to meet new challenges.

3. Increase vital capacity to strengthen the heart and accelerate metabolism:

Research shows that relaxed jogging can enhance respiratory function, increase vital capacity, improve ventilation and ventilation capacity. When jogging, the oxygen supply is 8-12 times more than when sitting down. Oxygen is indispensable to maintain human life activities, and the capacity of oxygen inhalation has a direct impact on cardiopulmonary function. Jogging can strengthen and thicken the myocardium, exercise the heart and protect the heart.

4. prevention of cancer:

(1) The oxygen inhaled during jogging is 8-12 times more than that inhaled during sitting. If a person gets 8 times more oxygen every day, it can prevent cancer to a certain extent. (2) Jogging can consume excess fat and promote the conversion of stored proteins into glucocorticoids. These hormones have anti-cancer effects. (3) Exercise sweating, can discharge pathogenic substances in the body, such as nitrite, acetone, aluminum and so on, thus playing a role in cancer prevention. (4) Jogging can enhance physical fitness and immunity, increase white blood cells, macrophages and lymphocytes in the blood, and they can engulf possible cancer cells in the human body. (5) Jogging promotes digestive system function, improves appetite, and avoids or reduces the occurrence of gastric and intestinal cancer. (6) Jogging can promote the increase of endorphin level and make a series of benign changes in the endocrine system, which is also a favorable factor for anti-cancer. (7) Jogging can improve people's mood, eliminate depression and worries, and thus reduce the risk factors of cancer. (8) Jogging can exercise people's will and improve their confidence and perseverance in fighting cancer.

5. lose weight:

Among many ways to lose weight, the best way to lose weight is to "sweat long distance jogging".

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