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Archives Two hours before bed is the golden period of health preservation. Summer should be so "cool" health preservation! Chrysanthemum tea,traditional Chinese medicine,sour plum soup,plain question,four-tone theory,health preservation,summer October 15, 2019

Summer is the most vigorous season of the year, for the human body, this is a period of strong metabolism. So in hot summer, how should people keep in good health and prevent diseases? Next, let's have a look.

Attention should be paid to disease prevention in summer

Prevention of cold and diarrhea

Summer colds are mostly caused by the feeling of summer heat or the greedy diet. Therefore, anorexia, diarrhea and other digestive tract diseases are very common in summer. This is because the human body consumes more in summer, and the burden of the spleen and stomach increases, so as to absorb more nutrients from food. At the same time, people eat a large number of cold drinks and fruits, easy to damage the spleen and stomach, wet evil in rainy season is very heavy, easy to hinder the spleen, so many people are easy to "bitter summer", manifested by lack of diet, fatigue, and severe diarrhea. Therefore, it is not advisable to overeat in summer, especially cold drinks of melons and fruits. In addition, it is helpful to stimulate one's temper to eat ginger appropriately. It is also reasonable to say that "eat radish in winter and ginger in summer without prescribing medicine by a doctor".

Treatment of chronic diseases in summer and winter

The treatment of winter and summer diseases is an important method of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the principle of "nourishing Yang in spring and summer" in Su Wen Si Qi Tiao Shen Lun. It applies medicines on the acupoints of the human body to inspire healthy qi and increase the ability of disease resistance, so as to achieve the goal of disease prevention and treatment. Summer treatment of winter diseases is to make use of the favorable opportunity of high temperature in summer, exuberant Yang in nature and abundant Yang in human body to adjust Yin and Yang in human body so as to recover some persistent diseases. "Winter disease" refers to some diseases which occur in winter or aggravate in winter, such as bronchitis, bronchial asthma, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, chills in the elderly and diseases of deficiency and cold of spleen and stomach in traditional Chinese medicine. "Xia Zhi" refers to the alleviation of these diseases in summer. In order to prevent the recurrence of old diseases in winter or alleviate their symptoms, we should take advantage of the alleviating season to treat them according to syndrome differentiation and take some prescriptions and medicines orally and externally appropriately.

Summer Health Preservation "Two Magic Weapons"

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the correspondence between man and nature, that is to say, the human body should adapt to the changes of natural environment and seasonal climate. Since the summer climate is so hot and humid, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, it should be "hot and cold" and "wet and dry". Therefore, the two magic weapons of health preservation in summer lie first in "clean life" and secondly in "prevention of dampness evil".

Clear life

The first is the quiet mind, the hot summer is difficult to endure, people are easy to sultry and restless and tired. Therefore, first of all, we should calm down our thoughts, keep our spirits clear and calm, and avoid temper, so as to prevent endogenous fire. Maintain a light mind, then calm and quiet, avoid anxiety, tension and other negative emotions affecting normal life, and further induce the occurrence of various diseases.

The second is a light diet. In hot summer, the body's Yang is growing outward and upward, while the internal organs are relatively insufficient, and the digestive function of the spleen and stomach is relatively weakened. Therefore, the diet should be light, soft and easy to digest, with less fat, sweet and spicy food. It is better to eat more fresh vegetables, melons and fruits, not only to meet the nutritional needs, but also to prevent heatstroke; the staple food should be liquid and semi-liquid, such as mung bean porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge, etc. In addition, some refreshing beverages, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.

Third, the room is cool, open doors and windows appropriately, ventilation. Outdoor temperature is higher than indoor temperature at noon. Close doors and windows and draw curtains. Maintaining proper humidity and cool environment in the room will make people calm and peaceful.

Dampness prevention

Another important feature of summer climate is humidity. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, dampness is the mainstay of long summer, hot and rainy in summer, so the humidity in the air is high, combined with sweating, soaking in water, or living in humidity, and even feeling damp pathogens. According to TCM, dampness is Yin and evil, which can easily injure the body's Yang Qi. Because of its heavy turbidity and viscous nature, it is easy to block the air-blocking machine, and it is difficult to recover from many illnesses. Not only that, damp pathogen is also easy to damage the spleen and stomach Yang qi, because the spleen is dry and damp. Once damp pathogen injures the spleen yang, it may lead to the spleen can not normally transport water and humidity. Clinically, abdominal distention, loss of appetite, loose stool, limbs are not warm. Especially after the abnormal ascending and descending of the spleen and stomach, the water retention and the formation of common edema occur. Wet heavy turbidity, so after exogenous dampness evil, there are many symptoms such as body weight sleepiness, head weight, such as wrapping.

Therefore, in summer rainy season, we should keep the room ventilated and dry, and pay attention to drying clothes and quilts when they are wet. Diet should not be too greasy, or over-eating raw and cold, to prevent insufficient spleen and stomach transport resulting in internal moisture generation, in addition, you can also eat lentils, Coix porridge and other wet food.

How to Keep Healthy in Summer

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the face of the seasonal characteristics of "heat" and "dryness", it is necessary to "cool" to overcome it and "clear" to drive it away.

Thoughts should be quiet. The heat is scorching, and people are prone to sultry, restless and tired. Therefore, this season for people to deal with the world must not be angry, in order to prevent heart fire endogenous.

Eat light. Diet should be light, soft, easy to digest, eat less high fat, thick taste and spicy things on fire. Can drink some cool beverages, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc., can also be used to add mung beans, lentils, lotus seeds, lotus leaves, etc. into japonica rice to cook porridge, shelf for food. Here we recommend a summer porridge: Erdoulian lotus porridge. Specific practice is: 1 lotus leaf, after washing Decoction juice, mung beans 2, white lentils, lotus seeds each 25 grams, 100 grams of Japonica rice, with lotus leaf juice to boil porridge.

Clothes should be fresh. In summer, the sunshine is enhanced, the air humidity is higher and the sweating of human body is increased. Therefore, clothing with good hygroscopicity and heat dissipation, light color and loose style should be chosen. Generally speaking, the texture is light, thin and soft, and the color is white, beige and pink blue.

The room should be cool. In the morning and evening, the indoor temperature is low. The doors and windows should be opened for ventilation. Outdoor temperature is higher than indoor temperature at noon. Close doors and windows and draw curtains.

Entertainment should be quiet and quiet. Don't travel long distances, but seek seclusion near you. In the morning, the first light of dawn, the air is fresh, you can take a walk in the lush garden to exercise, and breathe new. In the evening, if you wander along the riverside and lake, the cool wind will make your mind calm like water, and the summer heat will disappear.

Two hours before bed, the golden period of health preservation

Zhang Hude, a professor in the health room of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out that it is very important for people with poor sleep to take the initiative to relax themselves and avoid doing things that excite their mind, such as strenuous exercise, when they sleep two hours a day.

In Hai Dynasty, that is, from 21 to 23 o'clock, the ancients called "Rending" time, that is, at this time, people need to be quiet. Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the three Jiao meridians are prosperous in this period, and the three Jiao is the largest of the six viscera, which has the function of presiding over the Qi and regulating the water channel. In Hai Dynasty, triple energizer can connect 100 pulses. If you sleep or prepare for rest at this time, 100 pulses can rest and rest, which is very beneficial to your health. It is also for this reason that this period is the best time for people to keep in good health before going to bed. Zhang Hude suggests that people who sleep poorly develop seven habits in these two hours, which not only helps to solve the problem of sleep, but also helps to keep healthy.

1. Take a moderate walk to promote sleep.

Intensive mental work should not be done one hour before bedtime, and strenuous exercise or physical work should also be avoided. If you want to exercise, you can take a proper walk about 2 hours before bedtime. It is better to take a slow walk within half an hour to promote sleep.

2. Hot compress eyes to reduce dark circles.

Frequent use of eyes during the day inevitably leads to dry, painful and other symptoms. Hot compress on the eyes before going to bed can help improve the circulation of blood and gas around the eyes, effectively alleviate eye fatigue, and also reduce dark circles. Specific Method: After washing your face, soak the towel with slightly hot water (in order not to feel hot) and gently apply it to your eyes until the warmth recedes.

3. Massage the head to eliminate fatigue.

Massage the head with both hands and fingers every day before going to bed can stimulate acupoints, dredge blood flow in the head, improve thinking and memory, promote hair root nutrition, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, fall asleep early, and also improve migraine headache. It is recommended to comb the scalp back from the top of the head with both hands and fingers for a fever of about 5 minutes each time.

4. Soak your feet in hot water and help your breath and blood.

Better to soak your feet before bed than take sleeping pills. Before going to bed, soak feet in warm water (40 ~45 C) for 15 to 20 minutes, which can help blood flow down, relax the brain, expand the blood vessels in the feet, promote blood circulation and relax the tendons and collaterals.

5. Kneel and sit back to relieve anxiety.

People who sit for a long time during the day can try to sit on their knees two hours before sleep, with their hands on the back of their hips, arms straight, upper body slowly backward, restore after 30 seconds, repeat 3 to 5 times, relax arm muscles, exercise abdomen and relieve anxiety.

6. Massage the foot and heart, strengthen the waist and fix the kidney.

Before going to bed, massage the heart of the foot about 100 times clockwise with the thumb, which can regulate the kidney meridian, tonify the kidney qi, alleviate limb fatigue, strengthen the waist and fix the kidney, and prevent aging.

7. Take a deep breath and relax.

Some people have trouble falling asleep because they are too excited about something, or because they suddenly think about something. It is recommended to sit for 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed. It is best to cooperate with abdominal breathing to help the body relax.

Source of Material: People's Health Network Integration

Editor: ZHFDA team

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