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Archives Four methods of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine Ming Tiangu,Efficacy,Jiuxianqiao,Traditional Chinese Medicine,Counterclockwise October 15, 2019

I. Kowtow and swallowing method

Method of operation:Abandoning miscellaneous thoughts, relaxing the whole body, closing the lips and eyes, and then making the upper and lower teeth tap each other rhythmically, the number of times is unlimited. With the continuous progress of exercise, the number and intensity of tapping can be gradually increased. After percussion, stir the upper and lower gums with the tongue in the mouth, gently and naturally, first up and then down, first inside and then outside; when you feel the body fluid is produced, do not swallow and continue to stir, and when the saliva gradually increases, gather saliva with the tongue to the upper palate, rinse your cheeks with saliva several times, and finally slowly swallow three times. The above is a complete "kowtow swallowing method". Ten times is the best time to do it. Ten times in the morning, mid-day and late in the day. Among them, morning tapping is the most important, and doing more is better.

Effect:Long-term adherence to the method of tapping teeth and swallowing body fluid can achieve the goal of invigorating the spleen, invigorating the kidney, strengthening bones and nourishing the brain, keeping the ears and eyes clear, and beautifying the face and glorious hair.

2. Hair Combing Method

Method of operation:Ten fingers of both hands are slightly curved into claws. They are combed from the front and rear of the head with moderate force and repeated operation. They can also be replaced by horn combs and wood combs.

Effect:Traditional Chinese medicine holds that the head of a human being is the "branch of all veins" with many meridians and blood vessels. It often combs hair, which can massage acupoints and regulate meridians. Meridians connect five Zang-organs and six viscera. The operation of Qi and blood needs the transportation of meridians. Meridians are unblocked, Qi and blood can be transferred, and the function of viscera can be healthy. Therefore, regular combing can play the role of dredging channels and collaterals, regulating qi and blood, improving circulation and regulating viscera.

3. Abdominal rubbing

Method of operation:In supine position or sitting upright, hold the abdomen with the left palm, fold the right palm on the left hand, rub the abdomen around the navel clockwise for several times; then fold the left hand with the right palm, rub it counter-clockwise for several times, and exert moderately according to the abdomen, so as not to cause abdominal pain or discomfort. Constipation and indigestion are mainly kneaded clockwise; diarrhea is mainly kneaded counterclockwise; only conditioners, clockwise and counterclockwise equal number of times can be. Abdominal rubbing can be done at night before going to bed and before getting up in the morning.

Effect:According to traditional Chinese medicine, the abdomen is the official city of five Zang-organs and six fu-organs, and the spleen and stomach are the pivot of the human body's Qi movement. Only by lifting clear and lowering turbidity, can gasification be normal. And rubbing abdomen can also pass up and down, divide Yin and Yang, go old and new, enrich the five Zang organs. Modern medicine believes that rubbing the abdomen can make the stomach and abdominal wall muscles strong, increase the secretion of digestive juice and gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote blood circulation, and facilitate the digestion and absorption of food. It should be noted that urine should be emptied before abdominal rubbing, and it should not be carried out under the condition of excessive satiety or hunger.

IV. Tien Gu

Method of operation:Place five fingers on the back of the brain. Press the index finger on the middle finger. Use the index finger to pop the back bones of the brain to make a noise.

Effect:According to traditional Chinese medicine, the kidney enlightens in the ear, while the kidney Qi Foot is sensitive to hearing; the ear opens in the brain, and the brain is the sea of marrow, which depends on the essence of the kidney to grow and nourish, while the kidney deficiency leads to the insufficiency of the sea of marrow, which easily leads to dizziness and tinnitus. The ear concealment and tapping can stimulate the ear when practicing "Tien Gu", which can achieve the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening kidney. It can also prevent and rehabilitate the symptoms of kidney deficiency such as dizziness, forgetfulness and tinnitus.

Author: Wu Lifen, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Photography: Picture Source Network

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