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Archives Wonderful Guanyuan Point, how much do you know about its magical health-preserving functions? Guanyuan acupoint,Sanyinjiao,acupoint,health preservation,traditional Chinese medicine October 15, 2019

Before we know what good health use Guanyuan acupoint has, we should first find out where it is located. Guanyuan acupoint is located 3 inches below the belly and navel of human body. It is a very important acupoint for human body. It is one of the odd acupoints. Regular massage and care of Guanyuan acupoint can play a very good role in health preservation.

The specific functions of health preservation are as follows:

1. Strengthen the body, Guanyuan Point as a health and longevity point, often use moxibustion moxibustion warm moxibustion of this point, can play a role in improving immunity and strengthening the body.

2. Help women to conceive new life. Generally, women with uterine deficiency and cold are difficult to conceive can use warm moxibustion Guanyuan to help the role of fetal yuan.

3. To alleviate dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea in traditional Chinese medicine seems to be either caused by blockage of Qi and blood, or a weak type of pain caused by insufficiency of Qi and blood. Whatever kind of pain, you can improve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea by warming moxibustion at Guanyuan acupoint.

4. To alleviate the symptoms of kidney deficiency, or to strengthen the function of kidney, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the acupoint is the main treatment, while Guanyuan acupoint in the abdomen, is close to the kidney and reproductive system, which can help to treat kidney deficiency and other problems. In addition, the addition of "yuan" can be understood as kidney yuan, so it can play a role of solid yuan.

5. Regulate asthma and help to protect the normal lung function. For example, some patients with poor pulmonary function can regularly massage this acupoint, massage this acupoint gently before going to bed when lying down, together with breathing, can play a good effect.

In addition to these functions, there are other functions, such as adjusting gastrointestinal function, especially the function of large intestine and small intestine, improving frequency of urination, urgency of urine and other symptoms. Usually it can be used with other health care acupoints such as Sanyinjiao, Zusanli and Hegu. Warm moxibustion, such as Ginger-separated Moxibustion and aconite cake-separated moxibustion, is generally used in the method. If there is really no warm moxibustion equipment, don't worry, as long as you can gently massage with your fingers, it can also play a very good health care role.

This article is exclusively produced by Jinlan Traditional Chinese Medicine Society. The pictures come from the Internet. The author Yan Page is unauthorized. Please do not reprint them.

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