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Avoid Is there any taboo on asthenospermia diet? Diet of asthenospermia patients should be avoided Asthenospermia October 15, 2019

Asthenospermia is well known as a male infertility disorder. Many men find themselves suffering from this disease and then almost collapse. It can be seen how harmful the disease is. So do you know what is the taboo of asthenospermia diet? In the daily diet, asthenospermia patients can not eat what food, what food should they eat? Let's learn about it.

Food inappropriate for asthenospermia patients

1. Soybean products:Some components in soybeans can cause sperm counts to decline.

2. Celery:In recent years, studies have shown that eating celery regularly significantly reduces the number of sperm in men, and after 4 months of stopping eating, it can return to normal levels.

3. Beer:If you have a kidney disease, but drink beer unrestrictedly, it can cause uric acid deposition, renal tubular obstruction, leading to kidney failure.

4. Fried chicken:Barbecue and fried starch foods contain carcinogenic toxic acrylamide, which can cause oligozoospermia and asthenospermia in men. In addition, cadmium and pesticide residues can be toxic to sperm.

5. Coffee:Coffee has a refreshing effect, because it contains caffeine stimulates the sympathetic nerve, caffeine can cause male sexual desire decline.

6. Tobacco and alcohol:Survey data show that the average sperm concentration in smokers'semen is 25 million/ml, which is significantly lower than that in non-smokers' 63 million/ml, and sperm motility is also significantly reduced. The direct action of alcohol on the gonads will reduce the rate of testosterone production and increase estrogen, which not only leads to impotence, but also affects sperm production, resulting in oligozoospermia and asthenospermia.

7. Pig waist:Many people like to eat animal viscera, especially when eating barbecue, "waist" has become a favorite of many men; recently doctors warned: eat viscera tonic, pay attention to heavy metal "cadmium" sperm loss infertility.

Food suitable for asthenospermia patients

1. Foods rich in zinc and selenium

When supplementing zinc, we should eat more beef, mutton, fish, lean meat, peanuts, sesame, dairy products and other foods.

2. Food rich in selenium

Seafood, mushrooms, eggs, garlic, etc.

Zinc participates in the whole process of spermatogenesis, maturation, activation and capacitation. Zinc supplementation can effectively improve sperm density and sperm motility, increase the activity of semen liquefaction enzymes and shorten the time of semen liquefaction. Zinc and selenium can also effectively antagonize the damage of lead, cadmium and other heavy metals in the environment to testis and ensure its normal spermatogenic function.

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