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Avoid What are the dietary taboos of mycotic vaginitis? The patient's diet should be forbidden Colpitis mycotica October 15, 2019

Mycotic vaginitis is a gynecological disease with high incidence. So, how to treat mycotic vaginitis? In addition to medication under the guidance of doctors, daily diet is also important to understand what mycotic vaginitis eat to improve it.

Dietary contraindications in patients with mycotic vaginitis

1. Avoid spicy food.For example, pepper, liquor, mustard, curry, star anise and other spicy and irritating foods should be avoided during treatment.

2. Avoid hair.Shrimp, mutton, beef, dog meat, sea fish, seafood and so on are not conducive to the elimination of inflammation in patients.

3. Sweet and greasy food.For example, candy, butter cake, fat pork and so on, this heating effect, will aggravate the increase of secretions.

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol.Wine will aggravate the fever, tobacco and alcohol are not conducive to the recovery of illness.

Mildew vaginitis should eat food

1, yogurt

Yogurt contains a large number of live lactic acid bacteria, which can control the excessive reproduction of Candida albicans and other bacteria after entering the body, expand the contingent of bacteria, balance the bacteria, and then regulate the acid-base environment of the vagina.

2. Garlic

Garlic is rich in allicin and Allicin and other substances. It is a natural bactericidal substance. It has a good bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect on mycotic vaginitis caused by Candida albicans infection and can inhibit the excessive growth of harmful bacteria.

3. Amaranth

Amaranth has the functions of invigorating qi, clearing heat, detoxifying, clearing eyes and benefiting the intestines and small intestines. For patients with severe pruritus of mycotic vaginitis, they can often eat amaranth to help relieve discomfort. In addition, Chinese cabbage, mustard, celery and so on also have the same effect.

4, lentils

Lentils are sweet and plain in in taste. They have the functions of invigorating the spleen, nourishing qi, removing dampness and eliminating heat. They can treat spleen deficiency and dampness, do not think about diet, loose stool, excessive leucorrhea and so on. They can help to improve the leucorrhea increase in patients with mycotic vaginitis.

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