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Avoid What are the taboos of cardiac neurosis diet? Dietary Taboos for Cardiac Neurosis Cardiac neurosis October 15, 2019

For cardiac neurosis, it belongs to heart disease, so what should we pay attention to his diet? Usually speaking, for this cardiac neurosis, he has a great relationship with diet. Now let's analyze his attention style.

Avoid Food and Reasons for Avoiding Food

Dietary taboos:1: avoid spicy and irritant vegetables. 2: avoid meat. 3: Avoid seafood.

Pork head.Pork hair, greasy, difficult to digest. For gastrointestinal absorption, the nutrition of the nervous system has an impact. Cardiac neurosis avoids eating pork head.

Pickled vegetables.Ginger fever, heart disease should eat less. It may lead to the aggravation of the disease, or the problem of gastrointestinal discord, and the effect of excessive deficiency of fire. Cardiac neurosis avoids ginger.

Garlic.Garlic stimulates the intestine and stomach and affects the function of the heart. Influencing the rehabilitation of cardiac neurosis can stimulate the nervous system. You can eat fried garlic to nourish your stomach. Avoid raw garlic.

Reasons for Eating Food

Longan.Longan can calm the mind and calm the heart. It is good for the heart, lungs and Qi and blood deficiency. Its main function is to calm the mind and cure insomnia, amnesia and palpitation. Longan 50-100g, stew soup, once a day.

Lotus seed.Lotus seeds nourish the heart and calm the mind. They are good for bad sleep and abnormal nerves. The lotus seed is sweet and astringent, and enters the heart, lung and kidney meridians. It has the functions of invigorating the spleen, benefiting the lung, nourishing the heart, benefiting the kidney and consolidating the intestine. It is suitable for palpitation, insomnia, body deficiency, spermatorrhea, excessive leucorrhea, chronic abdomen and other diseases. Lotus seed 50g, can cook porridge to drink. Eat it sooner or later.

Walnut.Walnut fat is unsaturated fatty acid, walnut is rich in copper, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B1. Walnuts nourish nerves, 3-5 a day.

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