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Avoid Female premenstrual syndrome dietary taboos should not eat any food Premenstrual syndrome October 15, 2019

Female special period nursing, diet to prevent menstrual syndrome. Premenstrual syndrome should pay attention to dietary taboos. This is what we all pay close attention to. In order to solve your doubts, we specially consulted relevant experts and made a relevant introduction. So let's look at the dietary taboos for women with premenstrual syndrome.

What can't I eat for premenstrual syndrome?

Caffeine-containing beverages:It can cause breast pain, anxiety, irritability and emotional instability, consume B vitamins stored in the body, and destroy the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Cheese is the cause of pain:Such as milk, butter, yeast milk, eggs, etc., these foods can destroy the absorption of magnesium.

Chocolate causes emotional disorder:It will cause more emotional instability and sugar addiction, in addition to obesity, increase the body's demand for B vitamins.

Sugar consumes B vitamins:Sugar consumes B vitamins and minerals in your body and makes you more likely to eat sugary foods.

Alcohol poisons the liver:It consumes B vitamins and minerals, destroys carbohydrate metabolism and produces excessive estrogen.

Cattle, pork and mutton are high-fat foods:Eating too much will increase the demand for minerals. High sodium food causes breast swelling and pain: causing edema and breast swelling and pain.

Dietary Recommendation for Premenstrual Syndrome

1. Stewed tofu with Auricularia auricula

Auricularia auricula 30g, 3 pieces of tofu, 7 walnuts (peeled), three sets of food plus water in a total stew soup to take, for pre-menstrual irritability, boredom is very effective.

2. cinnabar core

One pig heart, 2 grams cinnabar. Washing and controlling the dry blood water of pig heart, bundling cinnabar into pig heart, stewing with water, eating meat and drinking soup, can play the role of calming, calming and resolving before menstruation.

3. Lily Jujube Seed Juice

Fresh Lily 50g, raw and ripe jujube kernels 15g each. The jujube kernel is decocted with water, dregs are removed, juice is boiled and Lily is eaten with juice, which has the effect of tranquilizing the mind and calming the mind. Can treat premenstrual insomnia, irritability, irritability and other diseases.

The above is about the diet of women with premenstrual syndrome. Friends who have had this experience in the past must pay attention to their diet in order to avoid aggravating their illness.

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