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Men Men are more vulnerable than women! We must keep these eight lines of defense! Guard,defence,determination,body,woman,fragility,man October 15, 2019

Some people say that men are the best insurers because they are the pillars of the family and can't tolerate slipping. Men seem stronger than women, but they are often more vulnerable to disease at critical moments.

The World Health Organization (WHO) epidemiological survey shows that men's hearts are more vulnerable than women's. Chinese men are more than twice as likely to develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as women.

Men's stomach and intestines are also more vulnerable than women's: clinical experts have found that men aged 15 to 50 are 6.2 times more likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases than women.

Frequent social contact makes men susceptible to various hepatitis viruses. Pushing cups on the table for a change of cups brings irreversible liver damage. Plus the prostate problem, it brings huge hidden dangers to men's health.

Eighty percent of seriously ill men in China admitted in the survey that they had repeatedly overdrawn because they had long neglected minor health problems.

1. Eat only eight cents a meal.

According to the survey, 1/4 of men aged 30 to 40 in China suffer from fatty liver.

Fatty liver is mostly caused by alcoholism and overnutrition. The bigger a man's career is, the more he eats, the more he eats, and the more he waists, the more he "feeds" fatty liver.

If you want to prevent, the most important thing is to have a full meal, especially dinner. Not only should we eat less red meat, fried food and sweets, and drink less alcohol, but also we should not eat too much staple food, because steamed bread can also turn into fat and enter the liver.

2. Jogging 3-5 times a week

Exercise is the most effective way to prevent and treat fatty liver.

The amount of exercise can be gradually increased from small to large, at least 20 minutes each time, 3 to 5 times a week, middle-aged obese people can be 5 to 7 times a week.

For men, the most convenient and economical way is to walk at a moderate speed of about 120 steps per minute, jog around the community garden, do dozens of sit-ups before going to bed, and try to replace driving or riding by bicycle or walking.

Don't eat fat after age 3 or 40

Fan Zhihong pointed out that men like meat and fried food best, and their preference for animal fat can lead to excessive fat, which can cause arteriosclerosis and thrombosis in blood vessels.

Men are advised to eat more fish, soy products, nuts, oats and garlic, which are the "stars" of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, we should eat less salt and more fruit, and try not to eat animal viscera and fat after 40 years old.

4. Keep a bottle of emergency medicine in your bag

In sudden death caused by cardiovascular diseases, the proportion of males is much higher than that of females. Obesity, smoking and long-term fatigue stress are the main reasons.

Experts warn that men over 40, especially those with high risk factors for heart disease, should carry first aid drugs with them.

For example, put a bottle of nitroglycerin in a bag or pocket, and prepare a bottle for bedside, study, office, bathroom and so on. Once the situation occurs, immediately take out a piece and put it under the tongue. After taking the medicine, the pain symptoms have not been significantly alleviated. It may be myocardial infarction, so you must go to the hospital immediately.

5. Eat out less strong tea

Eating out does not stimulate the fragile stomach with too much food.

Men are advised to drink less strong tea, spirits and coffee, as well as eat less cold and spicy food, so as to reduce gastric acid secretion.

Men with bad stomachs also smoke less, because nicotine can also stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing gastric dysfunction.

6. Have some porridge in the morning and evening

Stomach disease is divided into three treatments and seven nutrients. Every meal is eight minutes full, vegetables and fruits are indispensable, eat more white meat instead of red meat, and have some porridge in the morning and evening.

In addition, chewing slowly and eating more soft, rotten and processed food can also reduce the "workload" of the gastrointestinal tract.

7. Drink plenty of water without suffocating urine

In many men's eyes, frequency of urination, urgency of urination, incomplete urination and blindness, tooth loss are the natural manifestations of aging, do not worry.

Experts point out that these symptoms in men over 50 often mean benign prostatic hyperplasia. If you do not seek medical treatment or treatment in time, you may develop * urinary retention, repeated hematuria, urinary tract infection, and even induce hydronephrosis.

To avoid prostate failure, the best way is to drink more water, 2000-2500 milliliters a day; no urination; more relaxation, keep a happy mood; warm bath, alleviate muscle and prostate tension.

8. Liquor should not exceed one or two

The prostate gland is very sensitive to alcohol. It becomes hypertrophic and "clumsy" under the stimulation of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption can interfere with sexual response and reduce sexual excitement and orgasm.

People with mild prostatitis should pay great attention to any irritating beverages and foods. No more than one or two alcoholic drinks, no more than one cup of coffee a day, and less spicy food.

It's really difficult for men to achieve the above eight points at once, but for their own health and family happiness, change a little every day, long-term persistence will yield unexpected results.

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