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Women It's said that good-looking people have this habit before they go to bed. All have,this,habit,bedtime,good,see,hear October 15, 2019

Work a day, very tired, some good habits of decompression before bed become very important. Some beautiful women give the method, but also let people have to accept. Their beauty is based on the fact that there are ways to make them beautiful. As long as they have these good habits before bed, beautiful faces will come naturally. Do you believe it?

1. Brush your teeth and wash your face

Brushing your teeth before bed is more important than in the morning. It not only clears the mouth, but also helps to protect your teeth. It also helps to fall asleep safely. After watching the TV and computer, remember to wash your face. Because both TV and computer are radiated, watching for a long time will stay on the surface of our skin. Washing your face before going to bed can wash these radiation particles and some dust to protect the skin clean and make sleep comfortable and relaxed.

Two or Five Fingers Comb Hair

There are many acupoints on the head, which can play the role of massage and stimulation by combing. They can calm the liver, quench the wind, enlighten the mind, relieve pain and eyesight, etc. Sooner or later, red and feverish scalp can be combed with both hands, which can dredge blood flow in the head, improve brain thinking and memory ability, promote hair root nutrition, protect hair, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue and fall asleep early.

3. Walk for 10-20 minutes

Walking calmly for 10-20 minutes will allow blood to circulate to the body surface, and the skin will be "alive" after falling asleep. After lying down, you don't read books or newspapers, and don't think about problems, so that your brain activity decreases and you go to sleep faster.

4. Drink a glass of milk with honey

Studies have found that milk contains L-tryptophan, which promotes sleep. Drinking a cup of honey milk an hour before bed can help you sleep. Honey helps maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, thus avoiding waking up early.

5. Don't get angry before going to bed

Anger and anger before bedtime can make people's heartbeat quicken, sniff and think so much that it is difficult to fall asleep.

6. Don't eat enough before going to bed

If you eat too much before bed, your stomach and intestines need to digest more quickly. The stomach filled with food will constantly stimulate your brain. If the brain has exciting points, people will not fall asleep safely. As the traditional Chinese medicine says, "If the stomach is not harmonious, they will be restless."

7. Don't drink tea before going to bed

Tea contains caffeine and other substances, these substances will stimulate the central nervous system, exciting people, if you drink tea before bed, especially strong tea, the central nervous system will be more exciting, making it difficult to fall asleep.

8. Sleeping with a movement before going to bed

1. Lie in bed, lift your legs and massage them from top to bottom. Keep your legs up and don't put them down, or lie on the wall in L-shape. This action can help to reduce calf fat.

2. Lie flat with your legs suspended at 90 degrees, 45 degrees and 30 degrees in the air, each angle staying for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or the limit you can hold on to. This action can shape the muscles of the thighs.

3. Lie on the bed with your legs in front of your chest, your chest against the root of your thighs, your hands stretched out beside your ears, and your elbows above your palms on the bed. This action can help eliminate the stool.

9. Window-opening ventilation

Keep the air fresh in the dormitory. When it's windy or cold, you can open it for a while and close it before you go to bed, which will help you sleep soundly. But be careful not to cover your head while sleeping.

10. Bubble your feet in hot water

According to TCM, more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five Zang-organs and six fu-organs. Foot is the farthest part from the human heart, it is not easy to get oxygen and blood, and now winter, it is easier to be stimulated by cold to blood vessels, so that vasoconstriction, blood supply is difficult. However, the foot is another concentrated area of human acupoints. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will affect the normal operation of liver, kidney and other parts. Therefore, it is good for promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism to soak feet with warm water before going to bed.

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