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Women If the following symptoms occur, it means your ovulation is over. Explain,your,come,ovulate,appear,below,these,symptoms,if October 15, 2019

I believe that pregnant women friends are not unfamiliar with ovulation. Women with regular aunt cycles can calculate their ovulation period by visiting their aunt's time. For women who are less regular, they can also feel some of the symptoms of ovulation.

When the following symptoms occur, it means that your ovulation period has arrived.

1. Anal swelling or lower abdominal pain on one side.Mature eggs discharged from the ovarian surface to break through a thin layer of follicles on the surface of the egg, a small amount of fluid in the follicles will flow into the pelvic cavity, women will feel a slight drop in the anus, but also a slight pain in the lower abdomen.

2. Hemorrhage and temperature rise during ovulation.The fluctuation of estrogen secretion in the body before and after ovulation may cause a small amount of uterine bleeding. At the same time, the body temperature rises slightly after ovulation. If we can insist on measuring the basic body temperature every morning, we can find the ovulation date according to the change of body temperature.

3. Vaginal secretions increased.During ovulation, the amount of secretion increased significantly, and the water sample was transparent and clear. Women would feel wet and slippery in the vagina, and the secretion was high in filament drawing. This increase in vaginal secretions generally lasts for 2 to 3 days, which is the most vulnerable time for women to conceive.

4. Backache and backache.When female friends reach the ovulation stage, some female friends will have backache, but not all backache is indicative of ovulation.

5. Change of sexual desire.Some female friends will have strong sexual desire when they reach ovulation. In addition, some women will have low sexual desire. The change of sexual desire is also a symptom of women during ovulation.

6. Leucorrhea increased.The increase of leucorrhea is a situation that many female friends will occur during the ovulation period. However, although the increase of leucorrhea occurs during the ovulation period, the leucorrhea is transparent and odor-free. If a female friend has abnormal odor of leucorrhea, she must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

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