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Women Obstetricians and gynecologists warn: Don't do the following five things One thing. Don't do it. Here's the obstetrician. Caution. October 15, 2019

Breast cancer is the most feared cancer for women, not only the highest incidence, but also the highest fatality rate. In recent years, the incidence of breast cancer in China has become higher and higher, with a rapid increase of 3% per year, and it has become the "number one cancer killer" of Chinese women. Don't wait to prevent breast cancer. Do a good job of prevention from now on. Don't do the following five things.

1. Ignoring Breast "Alarm Signal"

The occurrence and development of breast cancer has a process, from the most common breast hyperplasia to the development of breast nodules. Breast cancer occurs when necrosis and sclerosis develop. In this process, if we ignore it all the time, terrible diseases will come.

2. Love junk food

Women like to eat snacks, whether they are in good or bad mood, unconsciously intake of excessive fat, smoking, pickling, barbecue food, body gradually plump, hormone secretion too much. These junk foods contain ingredients that can promote cancer, and eating too much can easily be associated with breast cancer.

3. Reluctance to move

There are a group of women who love sports, there are a group of women who love homestead. Long-term inactivity and overeating tend to lead to the development of obesity, weakening immunity and causing breast cancer.

4. Addiction to tobacco and alcohol can not extricate itself

Tobacco and alcohol are harmful to health, as many people know. However, in the busy life, some people like to use alcohol and tobacco to anesthetize themselves for fun. Little imagine, tumors also grow quietly in the body. The same is true of alcohol consumption, which not only affects liver function, but also causes cancer.

5. Random use of health care products

In order to be beautiful and beautiful, women like to wash out a pile of cosmetics, skin care products, health care products, and daub them diligently every day. However, these chemicals or food ingredients are unknown, if they contain a large number of hormones, long-term use will lead to excess hormones, leading to breast cancer. Beautiful as it is, it loses its health.

Breast cancer is a terrible disease, killing tens of millions of women's lives. As a woman, we should always pay attention to their breast health, do regular breast cancer examinations, and prevent breast cancer as early as possible.

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