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Women The symptoms of spleen deficiency in women can age faster than their peers once they appear. Peer,faster than,will change,appear,spleen deficiency,symptoms,once,female October 15, 2019

Spleen deficiency is a term of TCM. Generally speaking, it refers to a series of pathological phenomena and symptoms of splenic physiological dysfunction caused by spleen deficiency. Most of them are caused by eating disorders, loss of work and leisure, or chronic illness and deficiency of body. Once the symptoms of spleen deficiency appear in women, many physical symptoms will follow, and will probably become older than their peers.

What are the symptoms of spleen deficiency?

1. Sleepy stool

If the shape of stool is soft and sticky, it is the symptom of spleen dampness, indicating that the digestive function is abnormal.

2. Cold hands and feet

Some people do not feel cold from autumn to winter, but their hands and feet will always be cold and not warm, which is the expression of spleen deficiency and cold.

3. Obesity

Ninety percent of obese people are physically weak. Deficiency of the body is caused by the decline of the function of the body's spleen and stomach. Deficiency will lead to slower metabolism and weaker vitality of the body, thus reducing the ability to consume nutrients, nutrients can not be consumed and then accumulated in the body, forming obesity.

4, anemia

Women with spleen deficiency are prone to symptoms of anemia, other serious conditions are not yet mentioned, but dizziness and dizziness often occur two or three times a day, and then it is easy to be mentally unhappy, difficult to laugh, and so on. Such symptoms, inevitably depressed, serious people may also appear mental depression.

5. Chest tightness and shortness of breath

When we get up in the morning, if we feel short of breath and dizziness, our spleen and stomach function is weak. According to TCM, deficiency of spleen-qi leads to extinction of lung-qi. That is to say, the functions of spleen and lung are interacted. When the spleen deficiency reaches a certain degree, the lungs are apt to suffer from deficiency of qi, such as shortness of breath and shortness of breath when moving.

6. Decreased appetite

When moisture enters the body, it is most likely to injure the spleen. The main function of the spleen is to digest and absorb all kinds of food and liquids that are eaten in the body, to convert these substances into nutrients that can be used by the human body, and to provide new energy for human metabolism.

Most people suffer from loss of appetite and digestive function in hot and humid summer environment. But there are also some people whose appetite is not affected and they have a strong sense of hunger, but they feel full after eating, which is also a sign of strong stomach and weak spleen.

7. Thick yellow tongue coating

The change of tongue is the external manifestation of spleen. A healthy tongue should be red and look moist. There is a layer of tongue coating on the surface of the tongue, which is light and very clean. If there are obvious dental marks on the edge of the tongue, it means that there are problems with the body function.

If the tongue coating is white and thick and looks slippery and moist, it means that there is cold in the body. If the tongue coating is rough or thick, yellowish and greasy, it indicates that there is dampness and heat in the body. If the tongue is red and moss-free, it means that the body has been heated to a certain extent to injure Yin. At the same time, in summer, people with damp spleen often feel greasy in their mouth, thick tongue coating and yellowing.

How to regulate spleen deficiency?

1. Press and knead Zusanli

Zusanli is the key point of human health care, located outside the knee and below the eye. Press and knead 50 to 100 times a day, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, regulate qi, guide stagnation and dredge collaterals, suitable for various types of spleen and stomach lesions.

2. Stick to Early Bed

It's better to go to bed at 10:30 and fall asleep at 11:00. Let your body enter a deep sleep state. Because from 11:00 to 3:00, when the biliary and hepatic meridians begin to work, the liver and gallbladder begin to detoxify, metabolize and nourish blood.

3. Living regularly

Adhere to regular living, quantitative meals, which is conducive to promoting human metabolism, if the meal has been unscheduled, quantitative, liver and gallbladder must change with you every time, long-term liver and gallbladder will be Qi and blood disorders, damage the spleen and stomach.

4. Diet Control

Achieve "eat seven full meals, tea 70% fragrant", excessive diet will only increase the burden of liver, gallbladder, gastrointestinal tract, make the spleen and stomach indigestion.

5, knead umbilicus

One palm or the root of the palm is attached to the umbilical cord, the other hand is pressed on the back of the hand, rotating and kneading clockwise, about 5 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day.

This method can warm yang and disperse cold, invigorate Qi and blood, invigorate the spleen and stomach, dissipate food and guide stagnation. It is mostly used in patients with dyspepsia, stomach cold, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation.

6. Stick to Foot Bubble Warming Spleen and Stomach

Because both the spleen and stomach meridians begin at the foot, we can warm the spleen and stomach and Nourish Qi and blood by sticking to foot soaking.

Method: Before going to bed, soak the ankle with 40 degrees of water for 10 to 20 minutes. By the way, massage the sole of the foot and the heart of the foot with your fingers. Through stimulating acupoints, open channels and collaterals, heat is transmitted to the whole body, dispel the cold of the spleen and stomach, and maintain the whole body Qi and blood.

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