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Gym Four Benefits of Beach Running Beach,Running,Benefits,Four Big Benefits,Benefits,Body October 15, 2019

Smooth breathing system

Running on sand not only exercises people's physique, but also brings people visual enjoyment and smooth respiratory system to a certain extent due to the arrangement of their activity environment.

Strengthen Muscle Exercise

When running in sand, in order to maintain the balance of the body, the leg muscles should exert more effort than usual running, which can enhance the exercise effect on the muscles.

Cardiopulmonary function

When running in the sand, the ankle, knee, hip, waist and other joints should cooperate with each other, which can improve joint flexibility and cardiopulmonary function. At the same time, fine sand can massage the sole of the foot, improve peripheral blood circulation, improve resistance and cold resistance.

Whitening skin

Running in the sand can stimulate the paraadrenal tissue, promote hormone secretion, and whiten the skin!

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