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Gym Tell you three ways to slim your calves Legs,muscles,thin,light,tell,three ways,steal October 15, 2019

Retired athletes, people who used to exercise excessively, because of genetic factors such as physical fitness, make a long muscle of people who exercise excessively strong calf will greatly reduce the feminine beauty. But muscular calf is also the most difficult to reduce, running, rope skipping, climbing and all other exercises to exercise leg muscle, it is best to stop. You need to soften your muscles first, and then you need to lose the fat that's mixed in between your muscles.

Scheme 1: Massage relaxes muscles

Take appropriate massage cream (or all kinds of lubricating emulsion, body oil) to rub the lower leg part from bottom to top; rub back and forth repeatedly.

1. rubbing massage - after applying the lotion, press the friction with fingers in the places where the subcutaneous fat is more. Massage around the knee can make the front leg firm and smooth.

2. Catching massage - Grab subcutaneous fat with finger pulp. Starting from the medial and lateral centerline of the calf, use a slightly painful force and continue rhythmically.

3. Rubbing massage - Grab the place where there is more fat and rub it with your thumb. This is a good massage method with strong effect. It is most suitable for thicker subcutaneous fat areas such as calf, stomach and so on.

Scheme 2: Massage + Stretching

Every time you take a bath, wipe your body's water droplets in the bathroom, but don't rub it too dry. Then take the lotion or the firming cream into your palm while your body is moist and the steam is still in the bathroom. The technique should be like massage, so that the breast after bath can be absorbed by the skin as soon as possible. Massage properly and vigorously.

Plan 3: Flapping and softening muscles

If you want to thin your calves, you should first check whether the muscles of your calves are relaxed or tense. If the muscles are tight, it will be difficult to be thin. So the first leg reduction plan is to start with slapping strong calf fat. On weekdays, you can sit on the ground, raise one foot to a right angle, apply slimming products to promote microcirculation, tighten the skin and reduce fat, and beat your calves with your fists, or massage your hands for 10 minutes (or 200 beats each). We must stick to it for a long time. Usually do more leg crushing exercises, the main is to stretch the muscle. So as long as there is this function of exercise to do more, need to remind, every time after exercise, we must massage the leg, to prevent the re-turn into muscle legs.

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