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Gym Fifteen Running Ways to Make Your Running Interesting Running,Full,Interesting,Yours,Boredom,Fifteen,Ways October 15, 2019

Intermittent repetitive training

Choose a fixed distance, such as 200 meters, or a fixed time, such as 45 seconds, and then run as fast as you can, take a break and repeat it. It should be noted that the time for rest and recovery is as important as training. During rest time, it can be full rest, walking or jogging. The rest time should be determined according to the intensity of training. The longer the training time and the greater the intensity, the more recovery time is needed. The degree of recovery can be normal breathing and smooth conversation.

Stepped Intermittent Training

By adding step-wise incremental intensity to a single "intermittent repetition" training mode, it adds new challenges to your training. For example, run 200 meters, rest, run 400 meters, rest, run 600 meters, rest.

Four-minute Tabata training

Tabata training method can effectively improve the running speed, first sprint 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds, a total of eight repetitions, you can choose to practice on the flat ground, on the slope or on the stairs.

Climbing training

By slowly climbing and intermittent short distance running, it can satisfy the improvement of aerobic exercise, cardiopulmonary training, leg muscle strength and psychological toughness at one time. You can plan the preset route well and find a running route that includes several hills, a steep slope, S-bend and several sections of flat road is the best choice.

Switch to Off-road Channel

Choose a more primitive running route and walk into nature to refresh your body and mind. For example, riverside, seaside, grassland and so on are good choices, breathing fresh air in a few places, can also make the body turntable. Nature provides a beautiful background for your fitness activities and tests your ability to coordinate in new areas.

Fatlek Training

Fatterlake training method is a kind of middle and long distance running training method which alternates acceleration running and jogging. It is one of the effective methods of endurance training. The advantage of Fatlake is that it can make the players have more fun and speed in unstructured exercise.

Find a beat

Sometimes, it's hard for us to keep running at a high level. When exhaustion occurs, we might as well let music play its wonderful role. You can find a rhythm that matches your pace and motivates you to move forward. So you will find that many people also wear headphones to listen to music while running.

Slow down and get away

Long-term, slow-paced running is a good way to exercise endurance. In order to avoid sports injury, the average incremental distance per week should not exceed 10%.

Use a treadmill

The treadmill can set different speeds, distances and inclines, and it does not need to investigate the route ahead of time. It worries about the weather. The treadmill is the most versatile fitness tool. In the gym or at home are good choices, but also can run while watching mobile phones stored in a variety of TV plays, hip-hop.

Take part

In the past two years, many cities began to popular marathon, color running, fluorescent night running and so on. Various kinds of running competitions can make you feel passionate and more accomplished. Sign up for a competition you love and enjoy the fun of running with thousands of people. You will find that this will be the best motivation for you to constantly improve your level.

Preparing the right "equipment"

Choose different shoes according to different running methods, you might as well buy a pair of comfortable running shoes, running is not so tired oh. Don't choose trousers when it's hot, and try not to wear shorts in winter, so as to keep body temperature suitable and perspiration unblocked.

Replenish water

You'd better drink a glass of boiled water before going out for sports. Drinking water can not only replenish water, relieve dry mouth and restlessness overnight, but also reduce blood concentration, promote blood circulation and material metabolism.

Warm-up preparation

The warm-up should be adequate before the start of the long run. The warm-up lasts about 10 minutes. Warming-up allows organs of the body to begin adapting to upcoming exercises, and the muscles and blood vessels of the legs to relax to provide adequate oxygen.

Remember to organize the movement

After running, it is not suitable to sit down and rest immediately. We should do some tidying exercises to make heart rate and breathing calm gradually, such as jogging, springing legs, squatting, waist rotation, chest enlargement, etc. Rest after the temperature and heart rate return to normal.

Don't hurry to cool down

After exercise, you will sweat a lot, feel thirsty, not suitable for entering the air conditioning room to cool down immediately, nor can you drink a lot of water immediately, especially cold drinks, to avoid stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract, nor do you bathe when sweating, which can avoid syncope caused by short-term cerebral ischemia.

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