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Gym Six kinds of outdoor activities, health care and decisive collection Collection,decisiveness,health care,outdoor activities,six kinds October 15, 2019


Mountaineering is a kind of enjoyment for me. IT people surf the Internet in the office every day. If they can go climbing to enjoy themselves, what a wonderful thing. Mountaineering is a good aerobic exercise, and it has a good promoting effect on our body. Of course, it is also a kind of acceleration of blood circulation. Make you happier in nature.

Window shopping

I think for many girls, almost every girl likes to go shopping, yes, shopping can really play a health care effect, shopping is not only to appreciate what you want to see or buy, more importantly, your mood has been relaxed, your body has been well exercised, so for many people just stay in the office. For the girls in the room, they should go shopping more.


Many people's work pressure is actually quite high. This is not only facing some jobs, but also in life. I think it's true for many newly married men. Every day, our nerves are very tight, so we must learn to relax ourselves in a better way. Riding a horse can help you exercise your coordination and sensitivity better. When you ride a horse, you can feel how beautiful the dream in your heart is.


When I was young, I liked skating very much, because skating became a hobby of mine at that time. Of course, skating is a good exercise and entertainment, and skating is easy to learn. Girls also like it very much. Skating can help you to improve flexibility and coordination. The most important purpose of skating is to enable us to achieve the effect of physical fitness, so that your body can be effectively relaxed everywhere.

Long-distance run

Generally speaking, long-distance running should choose a good time, so you need long-distance running on the weekend. Many times, some people like to stay at home on the weekend, which is very bad, and their health will get worse and worse. Therefore, we need to have our own health-preserving exercise methods. Long-distance running is a good way, not to let you run every day. You have this habit of long-distance running.

Diving exercise

Many people feel unrealistic when they hear it. In fact, there is nothing. Land sports maybe you don't want to exercise for a long time. Then you can come to the water to exercise. There are many places for diving. You can swim freely in the water like a fish. In fact, that kind of happiness is the real happiness and enjoyment. If you can't swim, you can try to learn. It's really a good health care exercise.

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