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Gym Depression can't really be cured. Outdoor exercise is the ultimate cure. Ultimately,prescription,outdoor exercise,really,no cure,depression October 15, 2019


Scientific research has proved that endorphin elimination secreted by the brain during running is a biochemical substance similar to morphine function, a natural analgesic, and can give people a sense of euphoria, and has a unique role in reducing psychological stress. Choose running time in the evening, 120 steps per minute, at least three times a week, each lasting 15 minutes.

Rope skipping

Skipping rope is one of the supplementary sports therapies recommended by us for depression. It is easy to learn and suitable for fitness in the low temperature season. In general, when the weather is bad and it is not easy to run, you can choose skipping rope, and it is especially suitable for women.

As far as the amount of exercise is concerned, the continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing for 20 minutes. It is a kind of aerobic exercise that consumes less time and energy. A half-hour jump, equivalent to 90 minutes of jogging, is the standard aerobic exercise.

Skipping rope can increase the coordination of the body. Because the head position moves up and down rapidly in the process of skipping rope, it can effectively strengthen the vestibular function, produce good psychological feeling and improve self-confidence.

aerobic dancing

Whether it is gymnastics or fitness dance, it can be used as an aerobic exercise. Women's choice of such items can also play a role in bodybuilding.

Dancing fitness or aerobics belongs to rhythmic exercise, which can effectively eliminate pathological excitation focus of nervous system, improve sleep and overcome attention loss caused by neurasthenia.

Choose such projects, you can participate in every day, or at least three times a week, each lasting 20 to 40 minutes. In this way, in the dynamic music, it can improve cardiopulmonary function, improve the effect of oxygen uptake, and make the body relax heartily.

Take a walk

It should be carried out in a beautiful and quiet environment. It can improve cardiopulmonary function and oxygen uptake. It is recommended to walk 1500 meters a day and strive to walk within 15 minutes. Gradually increase the distance until you finish 4,500 meters in 45 minutes. Walking in the morning or in the evening is acceptable, but the effect of "morning walk" is better, because walking in the morning will accelerate the "arousal" of metabolic function, and then effectively alleviate depressive symptoms. It can also adjust walking speed according to its own physical strength. If the patient can insist on taking an outdoor walk once a day for a long time (at least one month), the effect will be obvious.

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