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Men What are the benefits of drinking tea for smokers to pass on to smokers around them Smoking,being around,passing on,benefits,smokers,which ones,drinking tea October 10, 2019

From a health point of view, it is imperative to give up smoking. For smokers who are still unable to quit smoking for a while, drinking tea is a good way to alleviate the harm of smoking. Smokers often drink tea, which has four main advantages:

First, it can reduce the possibility of smoking-induced cancer.

Tea polyphenols in tea can bind to carcinogens when they enter the human body, decompose them and reduce their carcinogenic activity, thus inhibiting the growth of carcinogenic cells.

Secondly, it helps to reduce the radiation pollution caused by smoking.

Catechins and lipopolysaccharides in tea can alleviate the radiation hazards of radioactive substances in cigarettes and have significant protective effects on hematopoietic function.

Third, it can prevent cataracts caused by smoking.

It contains much higher levels of carotene than normal vegetables and fruits. Carotene not only has the function of preventing cataract and protecting eyes, but also has the function of anti-nicotine and detoxification.

Fourthly, vitamin C consumed by smoking can be supplemented.

Smokers can get adequate vitamin C by drinking tea, and supplement the insufficient vitamin C caused by smoking, so as to maintain the dynamic balance of free radicals production and elimination in the body and enhance the resistance of the body.

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