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Men Five Dietary Conditions for Male Chronic Gastritis Five,diet,conditioning,gastritis,chronic,old,stomach disease,how to do,male October 10, 2019

1. Develop good eating habits

With three meals a day as the main food, the diet should be regular, regular and quantitative, so as to form a good conditioned reflex, which is conducive to digestion and absorption. Do not overeat, overeating not only increases the burden of the stomach, but also easily causes acute gastric dilatation, acute pancreatitis, if the original gastric ulcer, can even lead to gastric bleeding or gastric perforation, therefore, do not overeat.

A small amount of multi-meals can neutralize gastric acid and reduce the stimulation of gastric acid to pathological mucosa. When eating, you should relax and concentrate. You should not be disturbed by other things. You should not read newspapers and work while eating. After eating, you should take a little rest before starting work.

2. Avoid raw cold, tobacco, alcohol and spicy.

Choose a diet that is easy to digest. Avoid eating hard, raw, cold, rough foods with excessive cellulose, such as leek, celery, bamboo shoots, soybean sprouts, old vegetables, kelp, cold drinks, etc. Reduce the adverse stimulation of food to the stomach, avoid smoking and alcohol, do not eat spicy and stimulating food, such as raw garlic, mustard, pepper, liquor and other foods that damage the gastric mucosa, while avoiding eating too sour, too hot, too hot food.

3. Eat foods rich in protein and vitamins.

Pay attention to eating foods rich in protein and vitamins. Green vegetables such as eggs, milk, meat, fish and shrimp, tofu, soy milk and carrots can increase protein and vitamins, which is conducive to the repair of gastric mucosa. All kinds of food should be fresh, and should not be stored for too long to eat, nor should it be eaten salted products.

Those with less stomach acid should often eat sour food. Patients with chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric acid deficiency can eat some dishes such as yoghurt, vinegar and acidic fruits (hawthorn, kiwifruit, orange, strawberry) to stimulate gastric juice secretion, help digestion and increase appetite.

If the stomach is too acidic, avoid foods that are prone to acid production. Such as sucrose, sweet cakes, glutinous rice dumplings, sweet potatoes and strong tea, coffee, wine, broth and so on, which stimulate the secretion of gastric acid. Can eat more soda biscuits, steamed bread, water and other alkaline food to neutralize stomach acid. Protein can increase gastric acid secretion and avoid excessive intake. What does chronic gastritis eat to regulate chronic gastritis? What does chronic gastritis do?

4. Avoid long-term use of drugs that irritate the gastric mucosa

Avoid long-term use of drugs that irritate the gastric mucosa, such as painkillers, fenbid, aspirin, indomethacin, prednisone, etc. Long-term abuse of such drugs can damage the gastric mucosa, thereby causing chronic gastritis and ulcer.

5. Pay attention to nutritional balance and often eat stomach-protecting food

In addition to dietary abstinence, diets should be wide or narrow. Food types should be miscellaneous as far as possible. Buckwheat vegetable mix should not be a partial diet, so as to ensure the intake of various nutrients and meet the needs of the body.

Groceries contain more cellulose. They should be boiled and not eaten too much. They can be eaten millet and jujube porridge, rice and yam porridge, lentil and japonica porridge, soft rice, thin noodles and so on. They can protect the gastric mucosa and can be eaten regularly. The diet therapy of chronic gastritis should also be combined with the patient's constitution and the attributes of the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that people with deficiency of spleen and stomach can eat a little ginger and pepper to disperse cold; people with insufficient stomach yin should eat lily, lotus root, honey, milk and other sweet and moist products; patients with stagnation of liver and stomach qi can eat more radish, golden orange and orange peel; people with deficiency of spleen and stomach Qi should use jujube, yam and lotus seed meat as supplementary conditioning; people with dampness of spleen and stomach should use them. Coix seed, lentil, lotus leaf and other products for invigorating the spleen and removing dampness.

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