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Women No matter how hot it is, you can't expose this part! Babies are prone to problems! baby October 10, 2019

In hot dog days, mothers struggle with how to dress cool and not catch a cold every day. Clove mothers can almost receive such messages every day: can babies barefoot in summer? Do they have to wear socks? Can babies catch cold when their shoulders are exposed? How about their backs?

In fact, the baby can be exposed anywhere in summer, but this is the only place that can not really be exposed, that is, the baby's genitals.

Babies with bare genitals have potential safety hazards

In the community square in the park, more and more children begin to wear open crotch pants and bare buttocks to play, especially the dolls with old people's belts, some even naked, walking around wearing shoes.

Every time you see a naked child squatting on the ground or playing in the grass, you can not help worrying: the child's vulva is one of the most delicate parts of the body, without clothing or diapers package, it is very vulnerable to injury.

Potential safety hazards of bare genitals

What are the safety risks of bare genitals?

1. Hidden dangers of mosquito bites

There are many mosquitoes in summer, and the baby's genitals are bare. It is likely to become the "prey" in the eyes of mosquitoes.

It's really troublesome to deal with it if it's crawled or bitten by poisonous insects or if it's red, swollen and festering. Even if it's bitten by a mosquito, it's itchy and can't scratch, and the baby is suffering.

2. Hidden Injuries in Playing

Babies love to move, even more men's treasures, climb high, climb low and turn over obstacles, can not stop at all.

Man Bao's genitals are exposed. During playing, they are easily scratched by trees and wires. In the process of crossing obstacles, they are also in danger of straddling.

Although female treasures are not as naughty as boys, there are also security risks when they expose their vulva. The news that the baby's vagina enters foreign bodies is also common in recent years.

3. Hidden danger of vulvar infection

The baby is playing outside, sitting on the ground without saying a word, and contacting the ground directly in private.

Baby resistance is not mature, genitals and vulva contact with dust bacteria and other harmful substances, easily cause infection, thus suffering from urethritis, vaginitis and other urinary or reproductive system diseases.

4. Hidden dangers of other diseases

Babies like to explore with their hands, wearing crotch trousers will undoubtedly increase the baby's chances of touching their genitals.

After touching the genitals, the baby may unconsciously put his hands in his mouth. If the baby does not clean up in time after urination and defecation, the urine and anus feces left at the urethral orifice will be touched on his hands. If the baby is infected by hand and mouth, he will easily suffer from intestinal diseases, such as diarrhea, hand, foot and mouth.

Not conducive to the establishment of baby's privacy awareness

Bare genitals are not conducive to the establishment of baby's privacy awareness

I see very firmly that dangerous places should not be allowed to go, and that dolls should not be allowed to sit on the ground. Is that not safe?

In fact, in addition to security risks, the exposure of the baby's genitals is a kind of disrespect for the baby, and also has a great impact on the establishment of the baby's privacy awareness.

What? Such a small baby has privacy?

1. Not conducive to the establishment of privacy boundaries

It is often seen that a group of adults tease the baby, pinch the baby's butt, tease the genitals, and even joke, "What's this, don't you want it?"

Although adults are not malicious, children who grow up in such an environment are less aware of the privacy of their genitals and are more likely to grow up disrespecting the privacy boundaries between themselves and others.

2. Encouraging babies to explore their own genitals in disguise

Babies begin their sexual budding around the age of 1. They are interested in genitals and watch their parents go to the toilet. Babies of this period are curious about their genitals.

If exposed genitals for a long time, babies may frequently touch and play with their genitals, which is not hygienic. They may also cause disgust from others and parents. If parents do not guide and stop them directly, they will make babies more interested in playing with their genitals, causing a vicious circle, which is not good for their physical and mental development.

3. Enlightenment not conducive to sex education

By the age of 3 or so, the baby's sexual awareness is more mature, will distinguish between men and women.

At this time, the baby should not be allowed to wear crotch pants or urinate at will. It should be taught that the baby's own genitals are private and can not be seen by others. Even when going to the toilet, it should not be seen by the second person. This is a shameful thing.

Exposure of genitals as a matter of routine will make children do not pay attention to the importance of privacy protection. Nowadays, children have frequent sexual assaults. Sexual education must start at an early age. Children should be taught to protect their privacy from being violated and harassed by illegal persons.

I'm afraid the baby fever can do this.

Clove mothers do not recommend excessive exposure of the baby's genitals for safety or privacy reasons.

Let the baby wear open crotch trousers bare buttocks, in addition to fear of baby fever, in fact, the more reason is for adults convenience, convenient to urinate excrement, convenient for children to urinate at any time and anywhere, but the excrement of urine is really bad for the baby, no matter where the environment is affected by excrement, it is also not conducive to the establishment of the baby's civilized consciousness.

For babies who can use the toilet independently, it is recommended to wear thin, breathable and loose underwear outside.

For babies who still can't use toilet on their own, use diapers. Choose more breathable diapers for babies and replace them in time after urination, which can effectively prevent red buttocks.

See here, some parents will say that there are already open crotch pants at home, it is a pity to throw them away. In fact, crotch trousers can also continue to wear, with small underwear or diapers can be, if the baby urinated, but also can not take off the trousers to see the urine color change, it is also a convenience.

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