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Women Women are allergic to using sanitary napkins in summer. Eight tricks to prevent allergies! Tampon October 10, 2019

Summer is coming, bacterial breeding, in addition to the prevention of various diseases, special days should pay more attention! Summer use of sanitary napkins, private easy humidity, breeding bacteria, thereby inducing allergies. Now Bubble Editor teaches you how to use and choose sanitary napkins correctly to prevent allergies.

Reasons for allergy to sanitary napkins in summer

1. Women are sensitive to skin. Many sanitary napkins on the market are made of dry mesh made of fibers. Their fibers are spiky and prone to irritate the skin, which can cause allergies to some people.

2. Allergies caused by chemical components such as essence, fluorescent agent and chlorine contained in sanitary napkins. People with allergies should pay special attention to this kind of allergy, because if the skin perspires in summer contacts, dissolves and absorbs these chemicals for a long time, it will have allergies and other unpredictable complications, which seriously threaten people's health.

3. The poor air permeability and moisture removal of sanitary napkins resulted in local moisture accumulation in the skin, which could not be discharged and caused allergies.

4. Drug allergy, experts said that some women may also have allergies to some medicines in sanitary napkins on the market, so they should choose sanitary napkins correctly according to their own situation.

How to Avoid Sanitary Towel Allergy in Summer

First, the best way to prevent allergies is to avoid allergens, so once you feel irritated, itchy, uncomfortable, immediately stop using this sanitary napkin. It's best to find out the ingredients that cause allergies (most commonly the essence in sanitary napkins), and don't use sanitary napkins containing the same ingredients.

Second, try to use sanitary napkins that do not contain fluorescent agents, chlorine, essence and other chemical ingredients.

3. People with sensitive skin should use less dry mesh and more cotton mesh. Dry mesh absorbs quickly, but it stimulates the skin greatly.

Fourth, allergies are more likely to occur in summer, because humidity gathers locally, so we should pay more attention to frequent replacement, the best use of breathable, good moisture removal sanitary napkins.

Tips on using sanitary napkins

1. Wash your hands before you remove the sanitary napkin.

2. Replacement every two hours.

3. Use medicinal sanitary napkins carefully to prevent allergies.

4. Sanitary napkins should not be placed in dark and humid bathrooms. Most of the bathrooms are dark, sunless and humid, which can easily breed mould and contaminate sanitary napkins.

Improper use of sanitary napkins in summer can lead to allergies, gynecological diseases and even other complications. Sanitary napkins are articles that women use every month. Only by understanding the causes of allergies and choosing the right sanitary napkins for themselves can we effectively prevent allergies to sanitary napkins in summer.

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