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Women Sick from the cold, happy women to warm! Cold hands and feet,backache and backache October 10, 2019

In the scorching sun, you should have cold hands and feet, backache and backache?

Don't say, now this kind of "cold woman" is very common. If you don't recuperate in time, "cold" will slowly destroy your health and beauty.

Cold is more than cold hands and feet.

"Cold" manifestations are many, such as poor blood circulation, can not timely transport nutrients and oxygen for skin and hair, resulting in dark complexion, acne and spots.

This type of women will have more obvious discomfort before and after coming to "aunt". There is a feeling of falling and swelling in the abdomen before menstruation, and there are more leucorrhea, backache or pain, bilateral breast pain and other phenomena. The condition of dysmenorrhea is more serious; the color of menstruation is black and there are blood clots, and the amount of menstruation is less.

Once the body feels "cold", the body will spontaneously store more fat to keep warm, so it will grow more fat, which is the beauty of women can not bear.

The causes of cold are congenital and acquired.

Women's cold body is not formed overnight, mostly related to personal physique and living habits.

Firstly, in terms of constitution, people with Yang deficiency constitution are more likely to be "cold". This kind of person is easy to get cold in hands and feet at ordinary times, which indicates that the body's "Yang Qi" is insufficient.

Secondly, your habits will make you more "cold". Some female friends especially like to drink cold drinks, or greed to cool down, the air-conditioning temperature is too low, or wear thin, so that the abdomen catch cold.

Women need warmth to be beautiful from inside to outside. Here are some ways to dispel the cold.

1. Warm food nourishes intestines and stomach

Female constitution is Yin, so don't be greedy. Even in summer, female friends should not greedily eat too much cold drinks, cold fruits and other cold things. Food taken from the refrigerator is best placed for a period of time before eating, and before eating cold food, it is best to eat some hot food "bottom". Usually we should also eat more food to warm up, such as jujube, Astragalus and so on.

2. Warming the uterus

Women's reproductive system is the most afraid of cold, "only care about style regardless of temperature" the direct consequence is irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. In addition, pay attention to loose shoes and socks, so as not to wear too tight to hinder blood circulation.

Of course, exercise is also necessary. As the so-called "motion is vital to yang", moderate exercise can accelerate blood circulation, dredge meridians, regulate qi and blood, and make the whole body warm.

3. Warm heart and face

In addition to the body, but also pay attention to warm the heart. They all say that women who love to laugh are the most beautiful. Women's emotions and psychological state have all-round effects on their bodies. Being too negative and prone to lose their temper will also aggravate their cold nature. Therefore, keeping a positive and positive attitude can make them warm from inside to outside.

4. Warm feet to dispel cold

Feet are the second heart of a woman. Women soak their feet in hot water at about 40 degrees Celsius for 15 to 20 minutes every day before going to bed, which not only warms up, but also promotes sleep. It should be noted that foot water should not be too shallow, at least not over the foot, the effect will be better.

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