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Women To do these four things, women lose calcium every day! To prevent osteoporosis, look at three daily strategies Osteoporosis October 10, 2019

Before we get down to business, let's look at a set of data:

China is the world's largest country with osteoporosis, accounting for nearly half of the world's more than 200 million osteoporosis patients. The incidence of osteoporosis was 56% in the elderly over 60 years old, and it was higher in postmenopausal women (about 60%-70%).

Why Prefer Women

Because of their own physiological particularity, women will experience some special periods:

Some calcium in lactating women can be used for the development of babies, while estrogen levels in postmenopausal women decrease, resulting in increased bone resorption, bone loss rate can reach more than 3% per year, which is easy to osteoporosis.

Some factors may also increase the risk of osteoporosis in young women due to the change of modern life style.

1. Lack of exercise

Too little movement is a common disease of modern people. More exercise can stimulate bone cells properly.

2. Excessive sunscreen and long-term heavy makeup

Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, while sunscreen and some cosmetics block the direct contact between ultraviolet rays and skin, while avoiding injury, the chance of vitamin D synthesis also declined a lot.

Normal people are generally advised to guarantee half an hour of sunshine every day.

3. Excessive drinking and coffee

The cause of osteoporosis is not clear yet, but excessive drinking of alcohol and coffee every day does affect the human body's calcium intake.

4. Diet and lose weight

Many women are clamoring for "losing weight and losing weight", claiming that losing weight is a lifelong career. Little do we know that lack of fat will indirectly lead to estrogen deficiency, and then lead to osteoporosis.

When the intake of protein, mineral and vitamin can not meet the demand, it will directly affect the absorption of calcium in the body and reduce bone mineral density.

Only three tricks are needed to prevent osteoporosis easily

So, how to prevent osteoporosis? In fact, it is very simple, remember these three points:

Strengthen exercise, sun exposure and a balanced diet.

1. Move up

Exercise helps regulate endocrine and promote calcium absorption and utilization.

Research shows that outdoor exercise for more than half an hour a day can help middle-aged and elderly women reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Jogging, walking, mountain climbing, rope skipping, staircase climbing and bicycling can strengthen the endurance of osteoblasts and bones, increase bone quality and increase bone mineral density.

So, let's move!

2. Shower in the sun

Ultraviolet irradiation of the skin in the sun can cause a series of reactions in the body, producing active vitamin D, which can promote calcium absorption.

Sunshine time should be about half an hour a day, preferably between 8-10 or 15-16. These two periods of sunshine intensity are the most appropriate.

3. Eat right

Balanced daily meals are not difficult. Eating more grains is a good way to prevent osteoporosis.

Soybean-led cereals contain phytoestrogens such as isoflavones and lignans, which help the body absorb calcium and increase bone mineral density. Moreover, the variety of cereals is abundant, which can provide all kinds of human nutrition, including calcium. It can ensure a balanced diet with dairy products, seafood, eggs, animal and plant foods, green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Periodic "Bone Examination" after 50 Years Old

Women over 50 years of age should be regularly tested for bone status every year, with bone loss or bone mineral density decline. Fish liver oil and calcium should be administered.

If there is significant bone loss and low estrogen level, estrogen replacement therapy can be conducted under the guidance of doctors.

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