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Gym What kind of experience is having a double chin? 4 Recruit how to reduce it! Chin dewlap October 10, 2019

What kind of experience is having a double chin?

Some netizens said: others laugh like this:), while I laugh is -:).

In facial aesthetics, the beautiful curve and curvature of chin are particularly important. And how does double chin affect facial value? Without more words, one can see the difference_

With a double chin, at first glance, it gives people a feeling of bloated, old-fashioned face. Seeing this, some people wonder, "Why do other people have small V-faces and have a double chin on their own?" or "I'm very thin, how can I have a double chin?"

How does double chin form?

In medicine, double chin is also called mandibular fat bag. Excessive fat and loose skin are the main causes of double chin formation.

1. Obesity

Not only legs and waists, but also chin is a place where fat accumulates easily. The excessive accumulation of fat in the chin becomes a double chin.

2. Face Shape

For example, they are born with round faces, beefy, and look young and lovely. However, the chin and zygoma are not prominent. In the case of lack of exercise and slow metabolism, the combination of skin and bone is low, easy to relax and double chin is long.

3. Age

Double chin is more common in middle-aged and elderly people, especially middle-aged women. Usually after 40 years old, the skin is aging and relaxed, and under the action of gravity, it will sag, leading to the appearance of double chins.

4. Bad posture

Sometimes, sitting for a long time, many people will unconsciously bend over. Or bow your head to play with mobile phones, sleep when the pillow is too high, long-term bad posture is easy to make the skin relaxed, thus forming a double chin.

5. Bad chewing habits

In an era of efficiency, fast eating has become a feature. Sometimes soft food is swallowed in the stomach before it is chewed. The number of chewing decreases, the muscles of mandible also decreases, muscles can not be exercised and relaxed, lack of elasticity.

How to improve double chin?

The double chin has no effect on human function, except that it makes people's face worse. If you are really not used to want to remove, you can refer to the following methods to choose your own.

1. Surgery

At present, there are many plastic methods to eliminate double chin, such as traditional double chin liposuction, advanced laser lipolysis and so on.

Liposuction is to suck out the mandibular fat bag in order to restore the mandibular curve (syringe liposuction, electric negative pressure, ultrasound liposuction, electronic liposuction, etc.). Laser lipolysis uses special laser to dissolve the body fat and achieve chin reduction effect.

The advantages are obvious, and the disadvantages are obvious: high cost, possible complications. The specific operation is recommended to be reconfirmed by a doctor's face-to-face consultation.

2. Weight Loss

Reduce excessive facial fat by reducing body fat. Of course, weight loss also requires a healthy way to lose weight, in general: control of total calories, balanced diet and growth period, regular exercise habits. Weight loss can not be achieved overnight, it needs long-term persistence. (Weight loss method poked here)

3. Improving Habits


If you're always sitting lazy and hunched, you need to correct it now.

Sit upright, back to chair, shoulders relaxed, hands, wrists, forearms in a straight state, elbows close to the body, bending 90-120 degrees, head and body trunk basically maintain balance. Stand upright, head slightly up, shoulders back. This can tighten the muscles of chin, neck and back to prevent relaxation.

(2) Chewing habits

Usually do not eat too fast, slowly develop the habit of chewing slowly, you can eat some coarse grains or hard food, such as broad beans, peanuts, walnuts, or cooking materials cut a little larger, increase the number of chewing.

4. Several Small Sports

Chin up

It can tighten facial and neck muscles.

Specific operation: face up, lip closure, action to maintain 10 seconds, repeat 10 times, do the best effect every day.

(2) Massage

A. Use the back of both hands, start from the middle of the neck, gently massage laterally and gently, do 15-30 times, the strength should not be too heavy.

B. Close the forefinger and middle finger together. Repeat 5-10 times from the tip of the chin, along the contour of the chin, up to the widest part of the mandible.

(3) Mouth movement

Exercise facial and chin muscles to maintain tension.

A. Voice practice: Open your mouth as wide as possible and speak English vowels a, e, i, O and U.

B. Pull up your cheeks and squeeze the air in your mouth to the left and right for 3-5 seconds, then release it and repeat it 5-6 times.

C. The concave cheeks: Inhale forcefully, making the cheeks sink down. The whole set of movements were repeated 2 to 3 times.

D. Smile: Keep the corners of your lips as wide as possible, with your tongue on the hard palate. Keep tense for 5 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds. Repeat 5 to 8 times.

To sum up, from the daily life habits, adhere to a period of time, there are always gains. Then... Don't bow your head when you encounter any difficulties, because your chin will show. What a painful insight~

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