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Archives Health preservation begins with knowing one's own body Six Basic Skills of Tai Chi,Dong Haichuan,Physiological System,Health Care,Tibetan Image,Medical Banknote Compilation October 10, 2019

Life has three shakes, one shakes big, two shakes old, three shakes gone. In the second shaking people began to pay attention to health, however, how? What do you keep? These are two key issues!

These two problems can be solved by the basic skills of six-style Taiji.

"Medical banknote edition" pointed out: "Health preservation is concentrated, the spirit of cohesion is gas gathering, gas gathering is complete, if the day by day worries, God is not willing to give up, it is easy to aging." It can be seen that the precondition of health preservation is to concentrate on God, and the precondition of concentrating on God is to accept God, otherwise the spirit will be scattered and there will be no God to concentrate on. To receive God, we must first know what is depletion. Eye, mouth and ear are the three God gates, that is, the entrance and exit of the gods. They are all exhausting to talk, keep their eyes open and listen attentively.

Every morning when we squeeze into the subway or driving on the road facing the sunrise, earphones are stuffed in our ears and cell phones are looking beyond our minds; when we draw our grand ideals, we are fascinated; when we get stuck in the long-term affection of our children, we are sad; when we are helpless when we watch the stock fall. In short, we wake up in the morning until we fall asleep at night. If you have a half-night dream, it's like working overtime and wasting your energy.

People who practice or practice often say that "closure" is essentially a closure of the "eyes, mouth, ears" three passes, which is to absorb the spirit. To go to the old forest in the deep mountains to "close" is actually to resort to an outer edge. If they can subdue their hearts and have enough determination, they can also "close down" in downtown areas. Lu Dongbin, a Taoist, also proposed that the method of nourishing the mind and restraining the spirit is "to nourish the spirit with few words, and to nourish the spirit with few thoughts".

Scientific research on meridian acupoints found that:In fact, we human beings have two sets of physiological systems, namely, the visible anatomical physiological system in western medicine and the invisible visible visible visible visible physiological system in traditional Chinese medicine. The two sets of physiological systems have different frequencies, exist different spaces and interact with each other. Human pathological changes are initially caused by problems in the functions of the visible visible physiological system and gradually affect the anatomical physiological system.

Heart hides God, long-term depletion and dissipation of God, will not keep the god; dry hide the soul, will be inverted. This directly leads to the dysfunction of the viscera, the loss of Qi and blood, and the pathological changes occur in the most vulnerable parts of the body.

The basic skills of the six forms of Tai Chi practise the spirit and spirit, which is the category of the physiological system of the viscera. Therefore, it is essential to solve human health problems. Health preservation is the inner energy of life, so the medicine of health preservation is not outside, but the essence, Qi and spirit in our body. The basic skill of six-style Taiji is an effective way to replenish and nourish the spirit and spirit.

Apart from the five rules of Yin and Yang, the five movements of the six-style Taijiquan basic skill are all absorbed from simplicity to complexity. The most difficult is the fifth form, Shenhe Taiji, which requires the consciousness to pay attention to four things: the movement of the center of gravity, the rotation of the waist, the reverse movement of the arms and the slow and uniform gradual change of the whole movement. If consciousness can really take care of these four points, God will basically receive himself. Everyone who is serious about the Six Styles can see from the outside, because their eyes are inward, not outward, a little like "thinking". In this way, the long-scattered spirit can be retrieved into one's own body. What's in your body? And our life's internal energy - "Qi" coincidence, that is, the unity of spirit. In human life, God and Qi are in harmony. When a man dies, God is separated from Qi. God holds Qi, Qi depends on God, and Qi is in harmony with each other, which is the key to health cultivation. Traditionally speaking, air is the motive force to support human life activities and normal functions. Without this motive force, there would be no life activities and normal functions of the human body. Of course, the more vigorous you are, the more powerful your functions and functions will be.

Another major effect of the six-style Taiji basic skills is to "clear channels and collaterals" and "activate Qi and blood". "Chen Style Taijiquan Tushuo" (Professor Kang is reading this book in Taijiguanzhen Class 2019), "Heart Business, Intention Leading Qi, Qi Promoting Form". When doing the six-style Taijigong, it is in a state of complete relaxation, guiding Qi and blood to flow around the whole body with the spirit, which is equivalent to the ancient guiding technique. Qitong is blood-free, Qi stagnation is blood stasis, where pain and discomfort are blocked by Qi and blood. In the long run, this place has formed a focus. On the contrary, if we are full of Qi and blood and free of obstruction, our vitality will be vigorous and our health will be healthy.

Dong Haichuan, the founder and famous martial artist of Bagua Palm, passed away in Guangxu six years, and Sun Lutang, the founder and famous martial artist of Sun Men, predicted the arrival of the time. The two masters had the same thing in common. We don't think we can achieve such a high level of practice. It's okay to "die at the end of one's life". We die calmly and peacefully in our bedroom instead of being sent to the hospital for surgery, chemotherapy and tube insertion. We are tossed around enough to sponsor our life savings to the "medical industry" and drag our children to death. Finally, we can't escape the painful death.

Essentially, people are born to die, and destined to die. We pay attention to revitalizing our minds, just to slow down the pace towards death, and by the way, to set aside a stall for Garcier's people. While slowing down, we should also live a healthy, happy, dignified and valuable life.

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