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Archives Did you do the right thing to drink water? Cold hands and feet,honey,roses,brown sugar,cardiovascular and cerebrovascular October 10, 2019

Three Drinking Habits of Kidney Destruction

1. Drink water after thirst

When thirsty, the body cells have dehydrated, which is the signal of the central nervous system for help. In the long run, the ability of the kidney to detoxify will be greatly reduced, leading to nephropathy.

2. Drinking beverages as water

Drink beverage as water all year round. Sugar and phosphate in the beverage can promote the excretion of calcium in human body. The calcium content in urine increases with it, and then kidney stones are formed.

3. Drink strong tea for a long time

Theophylline in strong tea can rapidly diuresis, accelerate the arrival of human toxins to the kidney, destroy the glomeruli and tubules, and damage renal function.

Eight glasses of water a day. Doctors don't run errands.

The correct way of drinking water can not only prevent kidney diseases, but also eliminate potential diseases in advance. Here are 12 ways to drink water. Doctors often drink it. You can also try it.

1. Kidney-tonifying and Liver-nourishing-Lycium barbarum Bubble Chrysanthemum

People with poor liver and kidney are prone to feel fatigue, and their eyes will dry. Making chrysanthemum with wolfberry, drinking one cup in the morning and one cup in the evening for a week, can effectively eliminate kidney toxicity and enhance the ability of liver detoxification. You will find that not only the sense of fatigue disappears, but also the memory can be improved a lot.

2. Cardiocerebrovascular-vinegar-soaked black beans

Autumn and winter are the season of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Teach you a small way to manage it: first cook black beans, then fish them into a bowl, pour vinegar into it and soak them for 3 days. Every morning, eat a spoonful after meals. It has a very good effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Tens of thousands of people have used it, and the effect is super good.

3. Cold hands and feet - red beans with brown sugar

Red beans with brown sugar, cooked, drink a bowl every morning, a week in a row, easy farewell to cold hands and feet! It also works for stains on the face.

4. Women's Dysmenorrhea - Jujube Rose

Many girls will have different degrees of dysmenorrhea symptoms, not only uncomfortable, sometimes embarrassing! There is a small recipe, you might as well try: red dates soak roses, morning soak with hot water to drink, not only eliminate dysmenorrhea, but also have a good effect on irregular menstruation.

5. Oral ulcer - Honey and salt

Pour honey and salt into a cup, rinse it with warm water, and drink it 2 - 3 times in a row. The mouth ulcer will be completely healed. It also has a very good effect on black eye sockets.

6. Skin itching - Honey and honeysuckle

Drinking honey water with honeysuckle has a good effect on skin itching.

7. Acute Diarrhea - garlic and carrot

Slice carrots into a pot, add 2 bowls of water, boil garlic, boil for 5 minutes, and soon after drinking, diarrhea will stop, but remember, when diarrhea stops, don't drink it, in order to prevent constipation.

8. Chronic rhinitis - Walnut and ginger

Add two bowls of water to the pot, then add walnuts and ginger slices, boil them for 5 minutes, and drink them for 7-10 days continuously, which will improve a lot. This method is also good for facial aging.

9. Arthritis - White Vinegar and Honey

Pour honey and white vinegar into a cup and rinse it with warm water twice a day for a week.

10. Depression - Roses in Water

In autumn and winter, everything withers and people are easily depressed. Tea made with roses can be improved.

11. Wind and cold cough - pepper stewed pear

Wash the pear, dig out the core, fill in pepper and ice sugar, put it in a bowl, steamed in a pot for half an hour, it is very effective for cold cough, there is no side effect, the elderly and children can eat, some people eat for a day.

12. Wind cold cold - brown sugar ginger water

Ginger slices can also be cut into 5 slices. Add 2 bowls of water to the pot. Pour ginger slices and brown sugar into the pot. Cool to the right temperature after boiling. Drink it while it's hot. Drink it 2-3 times continuously. Wind cold is almost as good as taking medicine. It has no side effects. Drinking at night is the best.

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