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Archives The best way to keep fit is to get up early and manage your mood well. Emotion,Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic,Happiness,Chemical Change,Early Rise,Negative Emotion October 10, 2019

Early risers will be younger and younger

The alarm bell rings several times before you wake up, wash your make-up and rush to work. This feeling of being chased by time not only makes you tired, but also leads to brain dysfunction and inefficiency.

Why not try to get up early? Studies have found that people who get up early are more energetic and younger.

People who can persist in getting up early for a long time usually do not have the bad habit of staying up late, which largely avoids many diseases caused by staying up late and makes them healthier.

Long-term early to bed and early to rise, first of all, smooth metabolism, skin will become better, long-term adherence to the dark circles will also become light. Compared with those who stayed up late and couldn't afford to sleep during the day, even if they slept seven hours a day, look at those who stayed up late and got up late. Old people write on their faces.

If the body's biological clock is well adjusted, gastrointestinal activities will be more active, which is conducive to the formation of morning defecation habits. Therefore, as long as you can get up early, you can get a good cosmetic effect.

What kind of morning activities can achieve better results, it must be stretching gymnastics, so that the body can stretch.

During sleep, the body stops moving and is in a "coagulation" state. And do some gentle stretching exercises in the morning to relax the body to promote blood circulation, while warming up the body to promote metabolism, so that the whole day is full of vitality.

In addition to becoming more beautiful, sticking to getting up early also makes you smarter.

Because people who persist in getting up early for a long time, whether brain or nerve cells, have longer life span and more vitality, which means that they have better awakening and stress reflex ability, appear more flexible and intelligent, and will be much more efficient and successful in doing things.

Getting up early can also alleviate anxiety, and the "day" time has been lengthened, feeling two hours more than others. It's not time to catch up with you, it's time to command. Similarly, people who take regular breaks and get up early have a lower risk of depression.

If you want to get up early, try something you like.

Getting up an hour or half an hour early for something you like, even if it's only 10 minutes, will make you different. It's totally your own time, writing, flower arranging, running, painting, anything, doing what you want, as if this time was an extra reward.

If you control your emotions, you control your destiny.

Have you been "regretting the past, worrying about the future, dissatisfied with today"? At present, most people are suffering more or less. Every day, because of emotional uncontrollability, some people use violence to treat others, or choose to leave the world, while more people live in tangles and anxiety. The first cause of death among 15-35-year-olds in China is not illness or accident, but suicide.

Medical evidence shows that human diseases and negative emotions are closely related.

Psychological experts point out that emotions are the source of illness. If you want to have real health, you should not only rely on taking supplements and seeing a doctor, but also learn to get along with others and have the ability to adjust your emotions, that is to say, to improve your happiness. The first lesson we should learn in life is emotional management. We should not only learn to get along with negative emotions, but also master the ability to create positive emotions. If we control emotions, we can control fate and happiness.

Negative emotions are the source of illness. Managing emotions is managing health.

Negative emotions usually arise from contradictions between people, and these contradictions are mostly due to our expectations of others and the reality does not match.

In order to have real health, we should not only rely on taking supplements and seeing doctors, but also learn to get along with others and have the ability to adjust our emotions, that is, to improve happiness.

People who are often angry and hostile are prone to hypertension and coronary artery disease.

Hatred, grief, can not forgive and forgive others, self-hatred, easy to lead to autoimmune system diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus and multiple sclerosis;

Anxiety can easily lead to stress bowel syndrome.

When we suppress some negative emotions, they are expressed through the body.

Emotion is the source of illness, illness is the body cry that negative emotions do not dissolve. A lot of sadness, fear, anger, dissatisfaction, complaint come from not getting what the body needs or wants.

Many of our diseases have pathological changes in tissues before symptoms occur. For example, before you feel discomfort, nausea and anorexia in the liver, the liver tissue has changed; before the tissue changes, the cells have changed; before the cell changes, the molecules in our body have changed chemically; and the reason why the molecules in our body have changed chemically is mostly related to our emotions.

In fact, thousands of years ago, the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic had a record of "fear of kidney, sad lung, anger of liver, sad spleen". Only modern medicine has found scientific evidence to show the path of this change, but in fact, people can understand and see very limited. To manage emotions is to manage health, life and happiness.

Cultivate positive emotions and be grateful to all who learn to appreciate themselves

In all aspects of life, our greatest consumption is indiscriminately focusing our time and energy on confronting emotions, consuming ourselves and others.

A sign of maturity is the ability to express needs and desires without emotion. When the needs and desires are not met, we should not complain, attack or evade, and actively try to solve the problem.

At any time in life, we want to be in a good mood more than a negative mood. So on the road to happiness, we should not only learn to get along with negative emotions, but also master the ability to create our own positive emotions.

When you feel uncomfortable because you can't get it, ask yourself, or do a survey: Investigate how many people in China can't hear, see, speak, have disabilities in their limbs, and how many people have high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, infectious diseases and mental illnesses. After the survey, take a good look at what you have and review what you have. ...

People's instinct is to look at everything they don't have, so they often feel sad, sad and disappointed. And learning to pay attention to what we have, and to be grateful for what we have, will feel rich and happy. But this ability also needs to be trained and trained.

There are four steps in emotional counseling

1. Stop. When you are in a mood, find a place where no one is disturbing you and stay quiet with yourself.

2. Listen to your body and feel your body. With the guidance of your body, you may want to cry, you may want to say, you may want to shout, you may want to fight, you may want to hug yourself. In short, without hurting yourself or others, the body moves as it wants until it feels more comfortable. Understand that the body is wiser than our brain in many ways.

3. Ask yourself what needs have not been met and how to meet them. Especially how to satisfy oneself without depending on others.

4. Make a list of action plans and start action.

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